Hello! I'm Fogers and I'm new here!!

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    • Fogeris wrote:

      And is it bad if I die in Adventure and revive again?
      well u loose time and may be u'll end up with lesser rank

      Fogeris wrote:

      And how to unlock that Adventure?
      what do u mean to unlock?

      Fogeris wrote:

      And how I can get Lunas (without paying money?)
      from some events we get boxes that give us luna, but its kinda rare (+elitte veteran rewards, but its too early for u to think about it :))
    • minions give u passive stats so thats good, if they dont bother u on the screen use it always (they're not attackable, so dont worry it wont die :))

      and well no the luna crafts are not rly that important , but look it up everyday as new player u might find smt interesting to craft to sell on broker later for extra kinah, its not gonna be much but at least its not gonna coount to the weekly sale limit
    • Sneakie wrote:

      If I'd be at home right now and u had chosen hellion as a server I'd take you to esterra from lvl 10 and just give you another Merek (200%xp scroll for 1 hour)
      So you would get 400% + (50% from the map bonus) = 450% exp boost
      it doesnt work like that
      the 200% from merek is over the entire experience aka =>
      350(the default 100 are included in the calculation)x3 = 1050% the normal or in other words 950% bonus