A wild Chimander has appeared!

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    • A wild Chimander has appeared!

      Hello everyone!~

      I started on the Helium server a few days ago and i have to say im enjoying myself a lot so far ^^

      I currently have a mage and Gunner since i cant have any more characters unless i have gold pack (as i understand it)

      I have a few questions,
      Is there any active legion to take me in?

      What are the ways to get furniture ingame? Any dng's that drop something?

      Is having the goldpack worth it?


      First day i played i saw the Sakura wings for 250k in broker... ofc i didnt have 250k, i havent seen them since. If anyone has them, or knows anyone willing to sell them, could they pleaase wait with selling so i can buy it off you when i have the money?? I really like them :3

      Thats it for now :D

      Have a nice day!
    • If you havent invest much time in your charackters or made any strong friendships in the server i highly advice you to play on Deyla server, which is most populated and has more people that can speak English than Hellion.

      But if you still want to play here and want an ENG speaking / newbie friendly legion, you can try join (tip: Shift + G and apply) one of these:

      A Pack of Wolves
      Anonymous Legends
      Legend of the Kaisinel Temple
    • Cant find any of those guild if i try searching for them =[

      Also, is there still a real estate auctioneer? If not, then how do i bid on houses?
      Do i just run around till i find a house on sale? :/
    • Kery wrote:

      Chimander wrote:

      Cant find any of those guild if i try searching for them =[
      First of all: You are playing at Hellion? Not Helium :D The legions which Neverfelt called are elyos legions. Are you elyos or asmodian?
      Ah ye sorry -.- i'm on Hellion then xD

      And im asmodian yes xD thank you!