HELP!: Investigation of the Great Invasion

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    • HELP!: Investigation of the Great Invasion

      Hi guys, I'm new to Aion so I'm still learning things and there is a quest that I ma a little stuck on which is the Investigation of the Great Invasion (lvl20) in Veteron (Elysea).

      The quest tell me to visit the veteran swamp and to go to the sighting location to use the infiltration detector... I don't know if there is an exact location I need to go to as the map wont show it, but nothing is happening when I went to the veteran swamp...
      I did some research on this quest, and I found out that if nothing happens at the swamp then I should go to Tolbas Village and ask Beris so that is what I did and nothing about this quest came up when I spoke to Beris…

      Can anybody tell me what I need to do??

    • I think I just walked through the whole area trying to click the q item until it worked xd It is usually at a pretty open area as the invasion mob spawns there(?)

      Anyways this quest is a waste of time :D