[Event Guide] It's gonna be a hot summer!

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  • [Event Guide] It's gonna be a hot summer!

    Cocktail Summer is an event in which you collect Solid Ice from either being online or slaying boss monsters in instances. These ice cubes can then be either crashed with an Ice Hammer to receive an Ice Box or be exchanged for vouchers each week, which then can be redeemed at the last day of the event to receive the desired Ice box.

    Event data in a nutshell:

    Event start: 2nd July
    Event end: 23rd July
    Voucher NPCs: 23rd July – 30th July

    Voucher NPCs include the NPC to redeem the voucher coupon for an Ice Box as well as the NPC who is also exchanging Solid Ice for a voucher.
  • Crushed Ice: Solid Ice and Ice Hammers – How to receive them? (Level 30+)

    There are two ways to obtain Solid Ice and Ice Hammers .
    • Be online and receive up to 12 Solid Ice per day (receiving 1 every 30 mins)
    • Be online and receive up to 2 Ice Hammers per day (receiving 1 every 120 minutes)
    • Go into instances and slay boss monsters to receive a Frozen Bag for each group member, which contains either a Solid Ice or an Ice Hammer.

    Crashing the Solid Ice with an Ice hammer (aka combining the items) will result in an Ice Box which contains various rewards listed below.
    All instances except Kromede’s Trial, Steelrake, Draupnir Cave, Theobomos Lab, Firetemple and Adma Fortress drop Frozen bags.

    Care for a Ribbit Sunrise? – Refreshing Cocktails (Level 20+)

    Each city has a Bartender, offering cocktails in exchange for – who would have guessed –Solid Ice. Care for a Manduri Sour, an Atreia Blue , a Ribbit Sunrise or a Water Elemental Martini ?

    Bring 6 Solid Ice to Rezar (Asmodian) or Calobris (Elyos) and receive a Cocktail Shaker which contains 1 of these 4 cocktails, providing you with a HP, MP and DP regeneration buff.

    Save the Party – The Fair Organiser is looking for Solid Ice

    What to do with leftover Solid Ice?
    Each city provides a Fair Organiser who will offer vouchers to each guest . The first voucher can be received after the cocktail party has finished.

    Further vouchers can be obtained via redeeming Solid Ice (repeatable quest) by visiting Scrooge or one of his Shugo Representatives.
    Each week, the Fair Organiser requires more Solid ice to serve his thirsty customers properly:
    • 1st week: 5 ice cubes -> 1 voucher
    • 2nd week: 10 ice cubes -> 1 voucher
    • 3rd week: 15 ice cubes -> 1 voucher
    In the 4th week, an NPC to redeem collected vouchers will appear. Quatrionerk will be happy to replace any vouchers with Ice Boxes.

    The Voucher NPCs (the one exchanging Solid Ice for vouchers and the one where you can redeem vouchers for the Ice Box) is planned to stay 1 more week after the end of the event. This way, you can exchange any leftover Solid Ice in your inventories.
  • NPC locations

    Location of the Fair Organisers and the Bartender


    Bartender Calobris can be found at Elyos Square together with the Fair Organiser Scrooge.


    Rezar can be found between the Legions Board and the Temple of Artisans. Fair Organiser Scrooge is standing near the beach bar.

  • Reward List - Ice Boxes

    Opening Ice Boxes may contain one of the following items:

    • Grandiose Power Shard
    • Leader’s Recovery Scroll
    • Box of Ice Quartz Idian
    • Package of “Hats from the Summer Collection” (see below)
    • Disguise Package with a Masterful jormungand Helmet (Containing random Jormungand helm skins)
    • Ancient Spirit’s Helm Disguise Package (Containing random Ancient Spirit helm skins)
    • Luck Energy
    • Lucky Vinna
    • Bundle of Enchantment Stones level 70 to 89
    • Bundle of Heroic Godstones
    • Bundle of Fabled Godstones
    • Shade Flower Cabinet (3-drawer cabinet)
    • Box containing Wings of the Dragon Lord

    Content of the Package of Hats from Summer Collection

    Wings of the Fifth Dragon Lord

    Shade Flower Cabinet

  • Since there were some confusion from which instance the frozen bag drops exactly, here is a list of eligible instances:

    Instance level 40
    Asteria Chamber
    Chamber of Roah
    Krotan Chamber
    Miren Chamber
    Kysis Chamber
    Dark Poeta

    Instances Level 50
    Taloc's Hollow
    Lower Udas Temple
    Udas Temple
    Abyssal Splinter
    Beshmundir's Temple
    Satra Treasure Hoard
    Raksang (might be called Tahmes in all other languages)
    Elementis Forest
    Argent Manor
    Muada's Trencher
    Rentus Base

    Instances Level 60
    Tiamat's Fortress
    Tiamat's Hideout
    Shattered Abyssal Splinter

    Instances Level 65
    Sauro War Deposit
    Steel Wall Bastion
    Jormungand's Bridge
    Rune Shield Tower
    All Steelrose versions and floors (solo or group)