Quest bug

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    • Hi there.

      I've been questing titles lately and found a bugged quest. The quest is A Secret Recipe (Lv. 32, Elyos, ID: 1368). When I kill the mobs to get the Crestlich Breast Meat they don't give the drop. No matter how many I kill they give nothing and just disappear.

      My character is a lvl 72 Aethertech, Hellion server. I've already completed other low level quests so level difference is not the reason for not dropping the quest item. I have all other required materials but the meat.

      Any help is appreciated.
    • Hello,

      "Crestlich Breast Meat" is not a quest item but a material which means the drop is subjected to level difference.
      The best way would be to drop it with a low level alt.

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