Anyone had same Shop problem like mine?

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    • Anyone had same Shop problem like mine?

      Few Months ago i used to donate Coins in the Aion shop for 49,99 EUR. and for 9,99 EUR via PayPal.

      - Then 15 minutes later i got the second donated coins for 9,99 EUR
      The others for 49,99 never appeared in my profile...

      Sadly i contacted the support and they told me that there is not any payment like this, but in my PayPal the payment is completed to Gameforge inc. - And the interesting thing is that, PayPal support told me that, the money are charged from Gameforge.

      So the final answer i got for myself that, Gameforge are scammers? How is possible to have the money charged, the support declined that they have charged anything - but PayPal said that the money are sent to them.

      Please tell me if someone had same problem, we need to investigate it, it is not much money but still money. No one wants to be lied, or be a target for system bugs.
      And if there is any SUPPORT, who can answer me on comment, or message me directly so we can solve the problem, i would be really happy. ( I have screenshots, payment codes, and all verification to prove that the money are charged! )

      Thank you for your time!
      - Victoria.