Sheep on the rampage!

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    • Sheep on the rampage!

      The best pets in Atreia await

      Sheep on the rampage!

      Running: 11/7 till 25/7/2018
      NPC: Mandrunerk
      Location: Sanctum and Pandaemonium


      Three adorable sheep are waiting for you to try them out. Use their skills: they either warn you of enemies, buff you with scrolls or loot defeated enemies for you – it’s your choice!

      Show your pet some gratitude for their loyalty after exciting battles and feed them Chilli Chocolate. Great rewards await, including the +11 Manastone Bundle, the Cat Queen Egg, the Egg of the Devil of Glory (30 days) and the [Jakunerk] Magic Stone of Level Reduction.

      How does it work?
      • Get an event pet from the corresponding NPC.
      • Earn yourself Chilli Chocolate by completing instances as well as the daily login bonus.
      • Feed the Chilli Chocolate to your event pets.
      • Receive a reward bundle for every fourth feed.

      As with pets from the AION shop, all event pets come with special skills. The pets stay with you for seven days. This lets you try out the pets in perfect ease. For a small amount of Kinah, you can purchase each pet once per week.

      Each character (min. level 65) can receive some of the event food (Chilli Chocolate) for each hour they are logged in – up to a maximum of 3 portions per day. More event food drops in the instances listed below.

      Note: in the instances the Chilli Chocolate only drops once for the entire group.