Something arises from the very Depths of Hell...

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    • Something arises from the very Depths of Hell...

      Greetings fellow Daeva

      My name is Wanhope and I am building up a new legion. However! - I do not want to do this alone...

      I am looking for people who got some time to spare in the evenings and want to give rise to something new. Something that we can call our own and that many others may as well.
      The imagine I have in my mind right now is of a place where low level players come to. Doesnt matter if they just started or if they have been playing for a while. HOWEVER, I do not want players over lvl 49 (for now an arbitrary number) to join. I want people to learn the game together, explore it and want to avoid too fast lvling without understanding the game.

      Main language will be English, Age does not matter, however I will be adamant about a certain maturity that I expect. Unnecessary conflict and petty squabbles will be eliminated mercilessly.

      Everything else will follow.

      As I said again, I seek people who above all else want to create something. To be the foundation of a new legion, how small and insignificant it may be now and might be forever. What matters is what we think of it, and what we make of it.

      Those with power, fear us!

      Those without power, seek us!

      "Thirteen Arcanghuls"

      - Wanhope -