Game keep crashing

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    • Game keep crashing

      Hi, I am frustrated right now. My game keeps crashing, especially during last minutes of siege. Since 2 months I missed like 5 Holy Serums from Divine Fortress. Everytime it crashes like 2 minutes before end of siege. The second thing is fps my issue. While standing still in Nosra I can't get over 30 fps, usually it stays around 15, while my cpu usage is maximum around 40%. Same with my gpu. I can play The Witcher 3 at ultra settings and rarely see fps below 30 with graphical enhance mods. I tested my ram, cpu, hdd and gpu and everything is fine. I am using Windows 10, latest, up to date drivers. Everything freshly installed. My spec:
      CPU: Intel quad core q9550 @3,8ghz
      GPU: MSI gtx1050ti
      RAM: 3x2gb Adata Gaming series + 1x random 1gb stick (long story, nothing changes)
      One more thing to note is that my fps are same, no matter what setting in game I use. The lowest of lowest and it works same as the highest of the highest. Crashes and fps issue may be connected. Last time before crash I had huge fps drops. I keep monitoring my pc, and neither cpu nor gpu was used at 100%.
    • Aion is an old game on an old engine.... optimalisation is bad :c
      Also might need to check into your internet connection, it seems to be a thing that effects the game since a buddy has near same setup but he gets a lot more FPS when people are around. we both get 100 in open empty areas, but in crowded places he gets 30+ while I get a slideshow or even crashes...
      hes using an ethernet cable linked to his modem while i am using powerlines it's strange to note an internet connection as the cause of low FPS, but in GTA 5 we both have ~100 FPS so it's not like his silicone lottery was better

      I also knew a friend during early 4.2 days whose rig was worth more than the rigs some people will have over a lifetime combined xD and he was getting very shitty framerate and random laggs and crashes. He ended up quitting due to it.
    • Thanks for reply. I am using an ethernet cable as well. My Internet is pretty good I'd say, but my ping is awful. I can't do anything with it because there is no fiber-optic cables in my town. I used to have my Internet connection in bridge mode, and it made it even worse. Did your friend's cpu and gpu usage was just like mine, like 40% on both?