aion 6.0

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    • if you want to use the german language - please use
      else I would ask you to write in English, thank you
      and this question was answered in the last Daeva Tavern video The Daeva's Tavern – Episode 2

      additional information: Galeas has adjusted his post

      Galeas - Information on main topics

      Galeas wrote:

      Here you can find the status of the main topics currently

      Last update: 23.07


      6.0 = > Preparations are still ongoing. You can find more information in The Daeva's Tavern Episode 2: here. There will be a third episode before the release and it should provide the details regarding exchanges and settings.
      • We will have the 6.2 patch directly included with the 6.0 update.And it will be available in September/October.
      • We will have Kinah reset and exchanged for goldbars.
      • We will have estimas exchange into goldbars.A reset of the economy.
      • There will be a gear exchange (exact settings will be communicated with the next Daeva Tavern)
      • The goldpack, the veteran system and the elite system will be reworked.
      • The luna wardrobe will remain and more items will be added.
      • There will be a test server before the release (more info in the next Daeva Tavern)

      Tiamaranta Eye: The event will take place in August.
      Community Guidelines

      For balic atreia

      Brigade General Sita of the 40th Army: What do you think about that? Isn't it exciting?