Kicking in Neviwind Canyon

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    • Kicking in Neviwind Canyon

      Yo peeps

      Whats the point of joining neviwind when people are troll kicking you right before the end or even kicking you after you rejoin the alliance?

      I am never afk but sometimes it is hard to heal with permasilenceprocs etc.

      there seem to be a couple of people , when given half a chance at vice/lead they will troll people to hell and back again. Its gotten to the point that I just dont see the point of joining up for neviwind as I will either get kicked randomly or get kicked by trolls.
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    • just screenshot everytime u join in neveiwind after leads/vices are established and if u get kicked make a ticket, over and over after each such run (or sum em up in same big ticket for few runs)