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      What is point of this ranking it dont show skill or enything its just show how much ppl spent time/money in game. For example why is not number of kills crucial for ranking nowdays I go siege all afk noone doing enything 500 ppl max present asmo/ely dont fight dred/bmr/runat mostly auto wins so I dont do enything only little pve and evry day easy 2k honor points. My question will there be eny changes in ranking system :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :aangry: :aangry: :aangry: :aangry: :atired: :atired: :atired: :atired:

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    • Because I can sit afk and still get my kill count up. That's why kill count is a terrible way to determinate anything.

      And it's not in the interest of the publisher to remove things that people obtained.

      A solid solution was a % deduction of total honor.

      However even that solid solution has a bad side.
      In a dying game, where there are no new players. If a player that is rank 5 makes a pause of lets say 3 months. Do you think they would be more or less likely willing to come back to play the game if their rank dropped to idk, 180~?
    • They shouldn't remove HP system, but rather rework it a little. Remove HP from sieges, and add them to PvP so players can get HP for killing enemies in open world. This way there will be more PvP and more accurate representation of one's PvP dedication. You play more-you get more.
    • There will be some changes in 6.5:

      1. A season system that compensates for the number of Honor Points (GP) earned over a period of time has been added.
      - Honour Points already acquired are not subjected, and only Honour Points acquired during a season matter.
      - The Elyos/Asmodian ranking for your server can be checked under [Menu - Community - Ranking list - Honour Points]
      - At the end of a season, you will be rewarded based on your rank and some reward items can be exchanged for Quna.