Tiamaranta eye - Permanent

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    • Well, current eye still bring some PVP activity to this pve-swamp game, and its was fun. But as farming content, it was very, very, very unbalanced:
      on the one side, you can joun zombie style fatty farm league and get full ap80 set in 1 day; on the other side, boxes spawning too rare and drop are very crappy; on the third side, looks like you have almost no chance to get sunayaka weapon, even if your faction killing this boss every day, and absolutely no chance if your faction are outnumbered. WTF, half classes, that dont need expanded weapons, can get top grade weapon in 3 hours, and other calsses completely unable to obtain their expanded weapon.
      What about permanent tia - it will be good with this changes: remove coins and add really good drop to boxes (APES/serums, chance for sunayaka weapon parts, may be chance for ap80 accs).
    • I personally don't want to see the Tia's Eye event again, it's very rewarding however due to this fact it forces you to grind endlessly, though it was necessary for returning players and people preparing for 6.2, myself included.

      Bringing something similar in the form of an event closer to the release of 6.2 would be great however, I know some didn't complete their sets or have just returned a little late.