Tiamaranta eye - Permanent

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    • Tiamaranta eye - Permanent

      Since we're getting the tiamaranta eye event now in August as mentioned in daeva's tavern video. Is there a chance to make it permanently, since majority of aion players really like that map for pvp and some ap farm which we'll need a lot in 6.2.
    • only thing that u make this event work,putting there as a reward +9 stigma bundle.. whatever u give us as reward will be useless in 6-8 weeks with upcoming 6.2.. so please give us at least something good.. and about perma tia eye hmm,this new map will be good for pvp anyway unless they put same mobs or same rewards in tia eye its not gonna be something we can enjoy..
    • There needs to be uber rewards on offer to make visiting the map interesting, otherwise its just people running backwards and forwards to the guards all day long and getting zerged. Pretty boring tbh. Sunayaka battles made it interesting back when the MR head piece was considered decent, thats about it. If you gonna bring it back permanently, just bring back tiamaranta entirely /doh.
    • I won't vote for perma Tia Event but i would vote for extending Tia Event until 6.2 so at least there would be something to do until 6.2 depending on the rewards.
      I am talking about safe +9 Stigmas OR a TON OF stigma enchanting stones, Minion contracts and basicly all the stuff that will be useful in the upcomming patch.
    • Hm I'm sure tiamaranta eye is gonna be full of people... Whenever you ask old players who played back in 3.x patches about aion maps, they'll tell you tia eye and katalam were one of the best aion maps. It's a small map without guards, easy to find asmos/elyos any time. True they can run , jump in WS etc. But esterra/nosra are so big maps and all the pvp is focused on main towns, hugging guards etc (boring imo...) . Really missing tiamaranta eye , regardless of the drops in there :(
    • Argentino wrote:

      1.in deyla tomorrow we will see hundreds of elyos in the entrance asmo waiting for their prey lol
      Hahaha ye 300 pve elios vs 50 pvp asmo gl and hf :)
      It will look like every day when you leave the city. Max 6 asmo kill 20/30 eli.
      When eli deyla they understand that asmo is stronger now than it used to be.
    • It´s stupid.

      Unless they remake it with interesting drops, mobs, things to do. Tiamaranta eye was empty back in 4.7, and i was playing in one of the most populated server by that time. So that being said...

      Tiamaranta eye was a nice alternative PvP zone, PvE farming.
    • Esterra/Nosra are too big maps with no endgame content to do on these. Like when you reach 75 you don t really have a reason to go outside the esterra/nosra towns. Cuz of the reason maps are big both elyos and asmos focus on pvp nearby the main towns which makes it zerg vs zerg. There are pvp quests sure but rewards for it are ... Also not a fan of rifts... Akaron is dead map, always has been (except the time when there's deathbringer event). Signia/Vengar dead too. Abyss had some nice activity back when I started, but don t like flying pvp and again imo map is too big. No matter what someone says tia eye always had people in there farming or pvping, map was small, filled with usefull content, which is actually giving you nice rewards, such as tons of AP or sunayaka which was dropping the L110's stones if i rmb well, suna hat for MR and suna weps. For me Tia eye > Esterra/Nosra, Akaron , Signia/Vengar.
    • The reason eye was so good and popular back then was because 60a2 took a while to farm and AP aswell as mithril medal incomes were pretty low. Eye gave you a way to farm AP and it also had mithril medal pvp/pve quests...not to mention ranks were set by who had the most AP. Basically people were forced to go to eye if they wanted to make faster progress or if they wanted to be high rank (remember when rank was relevant for sieges? ha).

      That being said, it makes sense that eye was empty in 4.7 and it will always be empty unless people are forced to go there. It's sad because as much as i loved the eye myself, it's the simple truth, 80% of the people that went to the eye weren't there to actually pvp for fun. There's pretty much no way to make eye feel the way it did back in 3.X with the current state of the game (or the direction that the game is being pushed to).

      EDIT: People being forced to go there for events (such as this one) won't work. Community doesn't seem to understand that. But you guys asked for the event (yes it's late etc) mostly because you wanted the map and Gameforge gave you just that. Would be nice if you guys could stop dumping all over Gameforge because of this, because it's simply not their fault that the eye doesn't feel good now.

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