What's that confusing shugo instance?

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    • What's that confusing shugo instance?

      I had a pop-up for some weird instance the other day which for some odd reason can be entered at 40-ish level. I didn't understand none of it. Players joined then left as they saw a 40 something player there. Not one of them explained anything. Neither the game does explain what am I supposed to do in there. That is probably some kind of an event but it's very confusing. Could someone explain what to do there? There seem to be some items to boost own stats as well as skills, which is fairly similar to luna's instances. I forgot how to do those though. Been two years since I've done those two.

      What rewards can be gained from that instance or it's fairly pointless to do before endgame?
    • I assume you mean the great daeva race?

      you can find more information here in the second part of the thread Heated contests in August!

      The Grand Daeva Race

      The Daeva Race on the Treasure Island of Courage is known for being the hardest in all of Atreia. In this merciless parcours, three Elyos go up against three Asmodians. They hit the Start line with special abilities and have to use these wisely to overcome their opponents. The course includes a number of hurdles, passes some sneaky traps and through some difficult terrain, often forcing brave participants to take to the sky or to make use of mounts. Once they get to the finish, fame and recognition awaits, along with some fantastic rewards.

      Running: 1/8 to 29/8
      Minimum level: 10
      Entry: 1x daily

      or here from the first time it was implemented

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