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    • Hey guys
      Antri-ely side
      What can i say. My frustration and concern is big, in sieges and tia eye.

      Tia eye:
      Is it just me who is tired of chickenheads backing off in pvp. Dont following what the leader ia saying.
      Going on boss, when its told to stay on asmos. Get them away before we dps the suna.
      Staying behind looting/getting killed by asmos thats lurking, when we need to get to next fatty and can loot later. Argh.

      I know there's some ppl there only to farm coins for apes, serums, lvl red and stuff like that. Thats fine.

      How will it go in 6.2? Norsa and esterra will be removed. We will get a map where asmos and ely are on the same map. Ppl who cant pvp, how will they actually be able to run around there when they dont dare to face the asmos?

      Nobody's leading. Ppl dont follow lead if someone is trying to lead.
      lack of ppl in general. We are like what max 70ppl in sieges now, around 30% or more is afk.
      Barley able to take 1fort. (thanks to the active ppl)
      Divine: asmos getting a little resistance, but ely cant take the fort no matter how hard tje active players are trying.
      Kaldor: elys gathering up above the fort from the beginning. Stays afk there feom start to end, except for some ppl are flying down and pvping for fun.
      Nobody want to join take HF, before the siege starts. Nobody is even walking that way.
      Asmos get kaldor every week.

      Is it just me or other ppl to that have noticed that asmos are given everything?
      I wont take a break from aion and wait for 6.2 to come like many others would/have done.

      We need a good leader for sieges. Someone who knows when we have buffs and not, knows the rotation.

      Maby a new merge only for antri?
    • All what I can say from Loki server... there are many people that don't care anymore sieges since the rewards are not worth anymore like 5.x reached us. Also in Divine Siege.. you just need people with at least.. bit brain because you just need to turn the points the get the fortress.. (it will be fixed with 6.x at least - you have to kill the artifact before you get the points). I mean that sh** goes 45min... 43min are kinda useless.. just like I said you just need people with bit brain and grab that free points. Kaldor sieges are more cancer... I mean you have to defend things... meanwhile tanks killing boss... such wow. Sieges in Aion are now meeh.. 6.x sieges wont change anything. As far as I know.. 6.0 Lakrum siege was pointless to defend because if you defend successfully you get no reward - I don't know they changed it or its still the same (but I guess they changed it).

      P.S. Tia eye is PvE event :P
    • @OP
      It's quite normal for elyos to run in fear when they lay their eyes upon the might of the asmodians.

      As for tiamaranta, it's identical to the korean version.
      And I don't see the point for gameforge to waste time tweaking tiamaranta event, rather than work hard on 6.2
      Just hang tight in there. You have to live with the fact that you chose elyos. ;)