Can't create account in gameforge Aion Online

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    • Can't create account in gameforge Aion Online

      This is my situation.

      I downloaded Aion Online and created an account over there, which I found later it is from NA, North America section. It is a bit laggy so I tried to find servers closer to my region, I am from Asia, so I found gameforge.

      So this is my problem.

      I tried to create an account in gameforge, it says the password does not match. So I wonder if I had create an account in gameforge before, which I do not know, since gameforge has a lot of games and I probably forgotten about it.

      I tried to recover my password, filled up all the necessary info, the system says a link will be sent to my email, which takes a long time, nothing happen.

      So I tried another email. To no available -- yes I could create an account now, the system too inform me it needs validation and it had sent an email to my email. The same, nothing appear, nothing happen.

      I never thought just to create an account can be so un-user friendly and cause me a lot of troubles. I have not know what is done wrong because I already filled in all the fields, and the system just can't proceed in creating my account.

      I don't think I had any choices left, so I find for Aion gameforge forum, which is here, I registered a new account here, have an activation link sent to my email, activated it, so now I am able to post my question here -- without any problems.

      I don't have a single problem to create my account in NA Aion Online, I don't have any problem to create my account in this forum, but I tried 2 emails and I couldn't create an account in Aion Online, in gameforge.

      Kindly please have a look at my problem. I still couldn't figure out how I can't create an account over here. It looks to me probably account creations are no longer available in gameforge for Aion Online? It definitely looks that way but I guess I must be feeling wrong. I hope the GM can help me on this matter, I had wasted a lot.... of time on this issue.
    • Did you use this link to register and it doesn't work ?

      Gameforge client can be downloaded here:

      If you think you already have a game account here, go to: and use forgotten password option.

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