Steel Wall Bastion Guide

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    • Steel Wall Bastion Guide

      Steel Wall Bastion (SWB)
      by Divinelysian

      1.0 Information
      The instance consists of 24 alliance members. (Lvl. 65+)
      To enter you need 3 Battle Medallions/Blood Marks.

      1.1 Location of the instance:
      The instance is located in Kaldor.

      1.2 Alliance Lay-out.
      There are several methods of doing this instance but explaining them all would take a long time (which I don't have atm!)

      All 4 groups in the alliance will have different jobs. But you'll pretty much need the following:
      - 1 player who will be taking the role of the siege tank.
      - 1 player who will be taking the role of the defensive cannon
      - 2 people with 499 essencetapping/gathering
      - 4 healers
      - A lot of DPS

      Group 1:
      1 healing Cleric, 1 person who will take the siege tank, 4x DPS (Tanking class will help but is not necessary.)
      And 1 with 499 essencetapping

      Group 2:
      1 healing Cleric, 5x DPS (Tanking class will help but is not necessary.)
      And 1 with 499 essencetapping

      Group 3:
      1 healing Cleric, 1 Gladiator/Templar/Aethertech, 1 Ranger (blind trap), 2x DPS, 1 person for the cannon (any class)

      Group 4:
      1 healing Cleric, 1 support Chanter, 4x Gladiators/Aethertechs (1 Templar instead of a Gladiator/Aethertech can be nice to pull mobs closer.)

      The lead has to put people in different groups and these groups have to complete their tasks as fast as possible because the instance works in phases and if 1 group is too slow the other groups need to wait before they can continue.

      There are several ways the instance can be completed although I will only include the method I do it in this guide.

      1.3 The instance.
      The goal of the instance is to follow the path your groups needs to follow and kill bosses, loot boxes, destroy tanks and so on, to get as many points as possible while keeping the Governor (A Dux or Stallari - depending on your faction) alive. This mob stands in the square of the fort and doesn’t move. Killing the mobs around the governor will result in resetting the governor. Don’t forget to rebuff it.

      Eventually “Pashid” will spawn. Killing this boss results in a victory. If you do not kill Pashid but the timer runs out. You get a rank depending on your points.
      If the governor dies it will result in an F rank (No reward).

      1.4 Ranking system + Rewards.

      Your reward gets linked to the rank you get, the higher the rank, the bigger the chest that spawns. Bigger chest = Better small AP chests inside and better gear drops.

      S rank = Mythical + Eternal gear item
      A rank = Eternal gear item
      B rank = Eternal gear item

      1.5 Overview

      2.0 The method of completion
      There are several ways of completing this instance but I’ll explain how I complete it with the following images.

      1) Attack Group (with siege tank)

      2) Attack Group

      3) Defence Group

      4) Main Defence Group

      2.1 Sidejobs
      2.1.1 Cannon
      1 person (in group 3 as shown in this guide) will roll on all the "cannonballs" (NOT piercing/lead strike cannonballs) which will be looted throughout the instance and will roll on the "artillery generator" which will be looted at the start.

      Depending on how your team will do it, you follow group 3 up to the 26 minutes left marker, then you run over the walls towards the cannon, enter it and don't leave it untill the instance is over. You only keep an eye out for Cannonballs and don't forget to roll on them. You only use aoe shots on the mobs which group 4 will mark. (The aoe radius is short so always aim for the most centered mob.)

      When the 4th beritra troop arrive / When the siege towers spawn (around 12-10 minutes before ending) there will be many waves of mobs spawning on top of the walls running towards you. Don't forget to shoot them.

      You should atleast have 10-15 aoe shots left when the endboss spawns.

      2.1.2 Siege tank
      1 person in group 1 OR 2 will loot the "Siege tank key", "Lead strike cannonballs" and "Piercing cannonballs". Look at the 4th image of "1) Attack Group (with siege tank) to see what you have to shoot. (cannons and big pile of mobs.) You also need to shoot things at the cannon, but I will edit a more comprehensive version of that later.

      After you are done at the 1st HQ you ask for heals and then go alone to the second HQ and shoot packed mobs there and then wait for Group 1 and 2 to get to you. After the 2nd HQ's commander is dead you can leave the siege tank and continue with your group.

      Good luck!

      If you have any comments or mistakes found or possible improvements, please let me know below or in private message! :)

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