Pinned AION 6.0 - Announcement regarding gold-packs and the re-designed veteran system

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  • AION 6.0 - Announcement regarding gold-packs and the re-designed veteran system

    Changes to Gold pack

    • Players that have active gold pack status at 6.0 rollout or already bought (but yet not activated) gold packs will receive new benefits starting with 6.2 release.
    • Samples of new benefits:
      • +10% Loot Buff in Instance Dungeons
      • 11 Character Slots
      • Get additional rewards for Shugo Gold (daily login bonus) at the Shugo Bot.
      • Contributes to the new reward system “Platinerk AG

    The existing Veteran Reward System

    • Will not be continued as it was, but replaced by a new reward system – the “Platinerk AG”.
    • Therefore there will be no new Elite Levels after the current version is running out (ends 13th of September).
    • Rewards of the first 80 Veteran Reward Levels will be reset again before 6.0 Release.

    This means users can assign the rewards again to new characters that have never received them before.

    The Platinerk AG

    • The Platinerk AG is a newly founded subsidiary of the famous Goldrinerk AG, formed after the destruction of Reshanta. Its goal is to support Daevas in their fight for the wealth of Atreia.

    • All players can repetitively benefit from this cooperation by solving specific tasks on a daily base and earn level-range specific rewards from the Platinerk AG.
    • The new, point-based system offers a big range of awesome rewards in different categories, from which players can choose based on their personal needs.

    • Activating a gold pack will also still contribute here and give extra points to players.
    • All players will receive a free welcome gift here.
    • Players with a currently active Gold-Pack Status (at 6.0 rollout) will receive free rewards of each category at the start.
    • Players with longer Gold-Pack run times will additionally receive accordant benefits, depending on run time-based categories.