Looking for an English speaking legion on Deyla

    • Legion
    • Elyos

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    • Looking for an English speaking legion on Deyla

      Hey there!

      I'm hoping that I'd be able to find a legion to join on Deyla Elyos side, as it's kind of hard to get into any currently. Not only that but it's bloody boring to play alone from time to time. Getting into instances with randoms is a hit & miss, as I'm being rejected constantly eventhough I'm 71 right now(Which shouldn't be an issue for some place like LoK, but still I'm rejected which slightly angers me).
      Legion I'm looking for doesn't need to be heavily focused on pve, as I'm 'interested' in pvp as well, although I haven't got pvp gear other than gloves for attack speed at the moment. Playing for a bit less than a month on EU. Moved from NA, from which I quit around 2016.

      Hopefully someone might respond, and I'll see you in-game. :)
    • You're not being rejected because of low level but because people teamp up with players who think they can help them finish the instance x2 x3 times faster.
    • Did you get into a nice legion already? If not, we're happy to have you and you can always send me a /w ingame :)