Where's Mituna?

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    • Where's Mituna?

      It's me again bothering for Title Quests! lol

      I've been trying to find Mituna, a Captain Balaur, formerly a Dredgion boss or something. He's supposed to spawn somewhere in lower Reshanta, near Hurricane Isle. There's even a localization spot from the quest log (an X in the map) where he's supposed to spawn but he's never there.

      I found a comment from Aion Database that states:

      "He only spawns during Dredgion hours in the lower Abyss in Sullenscale Rive on the island closest to Teminon Landing!"

      I guess he refers to Sullenscale Rive for Hurricane Isle (it was an old name or something) or any of the floating isles in central lower Reshanta, but what are exactly the "Dredgion hours"?? Is there somewhere else I can find this bad guy?? Can I solo him or do I need a party?

      Thanks for any clarification :)

      Btw, the quest I'm carrying out is this: aiondatabase.net/en/quest/3940/
    • i've got no clue about the title quests in general,but those 2 should know @Raeinor @Erik

      as for mituna isn't that the balaur (with 2 guards) that spawns behind the fallen dred on the drakenwrek island (between krotan and miren)
      edit: just saw it was the miragent quest one, i actually looked into that few months ago but hhonestly dont remember. Will try to check it out myself tomorrow evening when i go back to my place

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    • ye but as i wrote in the edit if thats mira q it cant be same capt i am thinking about as its 74/75 lv and the quest is lowie so it must be lower abyss anyway. Hopefully erik will see post tonight and will tell u, he knows for sure, both him and raeinor are title maniacs so should know how it is after the changes too
      lower aby.png
      may be? (its the loc given on aioncodex for lower abyss)(upper one is the one i was thinking and its same name) (aioncodex.com/en/npc/216850/)

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    • xDDD
      He spawns on a random(?) island under the core as T0re shows :D I found him at T0re's location and the island far north I think, he looks like a 2.0 balaur mage with two bodyguards walking next to him :)
    • Thanks a bunch to both :)

      Haven't been able to check Mituna's spawn by myself because been really busy raising Magical Crafting! once I'm done I'll continue the search of available titles.

      To date, I've collected 55 titles (+5 that are not in the official list?) out of 112. I know I can't have them all because some of them are no longer obtainable due to removed instances / events / purchases / etc but I want to get as much as I can :P at least the ones we can still obtain throughout the game.
    • Ok I've been there (Hurricane Island, Zephyr Island and surroundings) but nothing.. perhaps he spawns at certain times / days?? I've been there like 3 times at different times and still no luck :(

      Btw, do you guys know something about the Kaisinel's Protector title? aiondatabase.net/us/title/301/ it seems to be a reward from a veeery nightmarish quest chain.. but before delving into them I'd like to know if it's actually obtainable because if one or more of the required quests can't be completed it's not worth the effort then.
    • Would they take more than 3 weeks to complete? 8| wow, it IS a nightmarish quest chain indeed :D

      I like challenges though... is there a specific quest to be harder to complete? I'd like to read a guide or something because the information on the database isn't always accurate :|
    • btw while in game near those islands you can write "/where Captain Mituna" or however its written with exact spelling(capital letters and all) and get pointer on your map. Bare in min some mobs are hidden from that function and says "hard to find location" so its not 100% it will work but doesnt hurt to try :D
    • Thanks guys I'm already done with Mituna :) found him in one of the islands under the core. Now I'm brainstorming to finish the daevanion quest chain for the set and title before 6.2 lands. The first quest (boots) is finished, will I be able to finish the other quests before 6.2??
    • Ok I give up :pinch: I had relatively no problems with the first quest (boots) but the second one requires me to kill 60 mobs spread in 3 different locations to get 1 quest item which is required 70 times for the main quest... it's 4,200 mobs I need to kill... holy hit.

      I should have started this quest chain eons ago to complete it before 6.2 :S I think I'll focus on the other available titles and top up Magical Crafting. If the chain quest is still available after 6.2 (which I doubt) I'll take the time to complete it then.

      Thanks guys!