Korean/Japense Voice/pack

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    • Galeas wrote:

      mmm, I have absolutely no idea. I don't even remember about it. My wild guess is that it was denied but I can still raise it again, who knows?

      Click wrote:

      Kabraxis wrote:

      Click wrote:

      Dunno if I'm allowed to ask, but does anybody know, what parameter I have to add to my batch to have GameForge exclusive quest icon + window ingame? Currently I can only access it with starting game from launcher but it barbecues my Korean voices all the time :wacko:
      We can't answer this question because you're supposed to launch the game via the launcher.

      - Kabraxis
      I thought so, but the problem I solved already.

      Kabraxis, in some former AskAion videos Nic told us that Gameforge will check about implementing Japanese and Korean Soundpacks directly in the launcher to chose from (like German, English, Polish,...), as well as the corresponding hit fonts.
      With that and the GFL launcher already booting the game with 64Bit client, I see no need anymore to launch from Batch File and can use the launcher as it is wanted by Gameforge.

      So my question, any news on that almost 4 year old topic?
      So it was in some AskAion video. Good old Nic talked about it. But since Nic vanished, the idea vanished aswell?