Pinned [FAQ] 6.2 - AION - A new dawn!

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    • Beta phase! Public Test Server.

      How long will the beta be open?

      The Public Test Server will be open from the 05.09.2018 until 18.09.2018 (end of the day).

      How do I register for the beta?

      Please just go here. You need to register an account and then you will be able to download the client. Please note that creating a new account is mandatory, you can’t use your old account on the Public Test Server.

      Can everyone access the Public Test Server?

      Everyone is allowed to register and play there. Nonetheless, please consider that the server has a limited capacity that it could result in having login queues if the server is full.

      Will I be able to transfer my progress to the live servers when Aion "A New Dawn" goes live?

      No, your test account will be deleted as well as everything it contains. You have no possibility to transfer anything.

      Why having a Public Test server?

      We want to offer you the possibility to discover our version of Aion 6.0 a bit in advance. It is also a good opportunity to test if everything works fine and gather feedback from players side.

      What do I get for participating to the beta?

      Being able to play the update in advance will be an opportunity to get familiar with the new content and check all the changes in advance.

      In which language will the test server be available?

      The game will be available in English, French, Italian, Polish, Spanish and German on the Public Test server. You just need to select the language you wish to have in the settings of the launcher to download the correct language files.


      Will you change the goldpack? What will be the difference?

      We will change the Goldpack with 6.0. It will provide now even more benefits than before. You can check the additions here.

      What happens if I activated a gold pack that I bought before the update.

      You will get the new benefits.

      What will happen to the previous goldpack I activated before you reworked it?

      Your goldpack time will keep on running as it was before. Every month you will benefits from the new features of the GP.

      Will the price of the Goldpack in Aion coins remain the same?

      Absolutely, we won’t increase the price of the gold pack.


      Kinah reset/Gold Ingots:

      What will change with Kinah?

      Kinah will be reset on the servers and won’t be tradeable anymore. You won’t be able to exchange kinah via mail, direct trade or store. The main place to deal with Kinah is shifted to the Broker.

      How will the Kinah reset work?

      All Kinah present in the game (inventory, auction house, warehouse…) will be converted to Gold Ingots with a ratio of 8.700.000 Kinah will give 1 gold ingot. You will be able to use gold ingots in a new in-game shop called “Gold Sand Shop”.

      • Kinah from mails, character&Legion warehouse and broker: will be collected to the inventory and converted to gold ingots and for each gold ingot you will get new kinah (1,3millions kinah per ingot)

      • Kinah from account warehouse: will be converted to gold bar bundle / no additional kinah will be given out for those.
      • if the amount of Kinah is 8.699.999 or below the player will keep the Kinah and not get any Gold Ingots

      What will happen when you reset my kinah and I have a high level character and I can’t’ even use a teleporter when the servers are live?

      Don’t worry; we will leave all existing characters a decent amount of kinahs so that you can play normally for the first hours.


      I have heard NCSoft introduced a new currency called Quna with a specific shop, will we have it?

      We won’t have the Quna currency as we have already two currencies to cover this, Luna and Aion coins. All items from the Quna shop will be available in our Region too with Aion coins.


      What will happen with Luna?

      The Luna currency will remain as well as the dungeons and all the features. Some of the Ingame Quna shop features will be available by spending Luna instead. Some brand new items will be added to the list of craftable items from the Luna system. The two dungeons will stay but you will get the opportunity to earn AP instead of EXP in those dungeons now. You can also spend Luna to get additional dungeons entries.

      Gold Sand Shop

      What is the Gold sand shop? How does it work?

      The gold Sand shop is a brand new in-game shop that will be added with the update. You can buy there gold ingots with Kinah. You can buy different items with gold ingots and also skins with Kinah. Kinah Store sells various items for Kinah (Gold Bars, Transformation Contracts, usable items like Kisks, Potions).Costume Store sells clothes, hats, wings for kinah and has an in-game preview of the costumes on the player character. Gold Bar Store selling rarer items like Daevanion Skill Box, Manastone Bundles, Stigma Bundles.


      Gear exchange/ Compensation.

      I have heard that gear will be exchanged. How does it work?

      It would be more accurate to say that some of the gear will lead to compensation. Your old gear will not be removed but when 6.0 starts, you will have in compensation new pieces of gear if you meet the requirements. You can check the list here.

      Enchantment system.

      I was told there are new enchantment stones, will I lose all my previous enchantment items, how does it work?

      If you have items that you acquired before 6.0, the enchantment system remains the same. You can use All Powerful Enchantment stones and Holy Upgrade serums to upgrade them. Now regarding 6.0 items it is different. You will need to use the new enchantment items. Please note that you can convert your old enchantment items to new ones if you got to the NPC Metella in Sanctum and Pandemonium.The new enchantment stones are divided PvE and PvP enchantment stones. You can find a link explaining the exchange rates.

      What will happen with manastones?

      There will be a new manastone system with 6.0 and you can’t use your old stones on new items anymore. If you have manastones +12, you can exchange them for a bundle with new stones at Metella in your Capital city.

      Transformation system.

      I heard that the transformation system is changed and that candies will be removed. Will I lose all of my candies?

      No, old candies will stay in your inventory and you can use it. The new transformation system was implemented and it requires contracts and scrolls now. More info can be found here.

      What will happen with Return scrolls, Instance Entry scrolls, Attribute Boost scrolls,Xp Boost Items, Crafting Improvement scrolls?

      All of those items technically don’t exist anymore with 6.0. It means that during the maintenance if you have such items, it will be deleted and replaced by new corresponding items.Nothing will be lost in the process.

      Return Scrolls => Integrated Return Scroll
      Instance Entry Scrolls => Premium Entry Scroll
      Attribute Boost Scrolls => Selection Box: Legendary Transformation Potions
      XP Boost Items => Recovery Tea - 100% recovery
      Crafting Improvement Scrolls => Recovery Tea - 100% recovery

      Will Estimas disappear? what is the compensation for the disappearance of Estimas?

      Yes, Estimas will be removed from the game. Only Estimas of+5 or above will lead to compensation. Lower estimas will be deleted.

      Enchantment Lvl+5+6+7+8+9+10
      Goldbar exchange111523314780

      What will happen with the Hero trials with 6.0? Will it remain?

      The Hero Trials will be reworked. We want to see where players need additional support in the new content first before reintroducing the system. In the future we definitely want to use it more for our own in-game Events. It will be deactivated for the start of 6.0 until the new version is ready.

      Does the ShugoBot stays with 6.0?

      Absolutely, the NPC will stay but it will be modified. From now on, only Goldpack users will be able to get shugo gold via a daily login bonus. They will have the possibility to buy items/bundles from him. You won’t drop shugo gold in dungeons anymore. The whole list of available items and bundles will be reworked.

      Important: there will be a reset of shugo gold for everyone, please use it before the update or you will lose it. link

      How do I get shugo gold now then?

      You will get a daily 30 Shugo Gold if you have a gold pack activated and if you log on your character every day for at least 10 minutes without discontinuation. It will be sent to your quest cube directly.

      I heard more features were removed? Can you please elaborate?

      Here is a non exhaustive list of other systems that were removed:
      High Daeva systems have been removed (Creativity, Estima), Evolution System, Legion Territories, Magical morphing…
    • Attribute Boost Scrolls will be exchanged for Legendary Transformation Potion, so it's 1:1 exchange? so if they have 1000 crit strike scroll and 3000 running scrolls they will get 4000 Legendary Transformation Potions?

      No, you will get a bundle with 3 potions for 1000 scrolls. In your example you would get 12 potions for your 4 000 scrolls.

      Will Level Reductions Stones will be exchanged for something?

      No you will keep it but it can be only used on 5.8 items.

      Is PTS Shop same as later live shop in 6.0?

      Yes, the shop you can see right now is the one that we will have at launch. Besides usual weekly promotions that can be added of course.

      Mighty Supplement (Mythic) will stay or they will be changed/gone?

      You will keep it but its value in kinah will be almost null and you can use it only to enchant 5.8 items.

      Is the 5400 gold ingots maximum exchange limited per account or per character?

      It is limited per character.

      Which character will receive the Kinah stored in the legion warehouse and account warehouse?

      In case of Legion warehouse it will be sent to the brigade general. In case of account warehouse it will be transformed as gold ingots there and you can pick it up with the character of your choice.

      Will skins be transferred with the item exchange?

      No, as we said the gear will be compensated not exchanged. Therefore, you will get new gear that is free of any skin and your skins stays on your old item.

      What will happen to the special +12 feathers?

      You will keep it and it will stay as it is.

      Will players be able to choose between physical and. and mag. feathers in the compensation?

      Yes, you will have a choice here.

      Will people get a box where they can choose their item from compensation?

      Yes, you will have a box with items to choose from.

      Is there a way to convert gold ingots into kinah?

      There is currently no way to do so in the game.

      What happens if I reach the cap of 5400 Gold Ingots due to the amount of kinahs I had and I also have estimas?

      The limit does only concern the conversion from Kinah to gold ingots. You will get additional god ingots for your estimas + 5 and above.

      Is it necessary to have the gear equipped to get the “compensation”?

      No, it’s not. If you have it on your character, it will work too.