Skins in 6.2+

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    • Wolx wrote:

      They said you will keep the old gear (with it's appearance) that will be compensated, but didn't give an insight on uncompensated gear which is everything else, be it your current gear, old patches gear, skins applied on other gear (tradeable pieces) and so on...

      My guess is it's probably the same, nothing will be deleted, you will keep anything that you already have, so you can apply them to the new gear if you want. But my advice is that if you have multiple characters, try to put the skins that you want for them in their warehouse or cube, if you have skins applied on tradeable gear or even costumes, they might become untradeable and you wouldn't even be able to put them in account warehouse probably, just in case.
      any upgrade mate? did galeas contact with you to talk about this topic? i really want to see those lovely skins..