Skins in 6.2+

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    • @Galeas I'm not sure how it will handle in an event. Problem with that, some skins don't exist as an "exclusive" skin item like the tiamat and ancient spirit set skin version that is white and tradeable, or surama, padmarashka, tahabata weapons and others that are treated as costumes to put them in events. The only way to make those available is by making the actual item from the instances that is like in surama's set case as an exemple, blue and yellow level 55 armor as rewards. I'm not sure if most people might like getting "useless" old items in events.

      If it's possible to allow higher level character to loot from lower level ones that would be good by removing that restriction, that way we can get the ones that were transferred into the new 6.2 gear, and the ones that were made as white stuff. And if possible to actually add the original gear in the loot table that was lost in their respective instances as bonus.

      You might be worried as some people might only start doing low level instances to sell the gear there for kinah, but that actually might not be a bad idea considering the kinah problem right now (and it's also "working" for it as you spend you time it's not a given for free), and you told us that you are looking into ways to make kinah more available, cause now people are spending more than they are getting on regular daily routine. Removing loot restriction might also work for the daily luna instance, as the boss doesn't drop the item cause he's lower level.
    • Galeas wrote:

      If many of you like the idea I can maybe ask to put it in events, if it's possible. SHould I just suggest the list from the OP? throw names at me and i'll make a wish list for you.
      I kinda remember... there was an event with some good skins and it was "VERY accesable" event for everyone, I mean this Event

      It´s better to don´t bother with this type of event...thanks

      Don´t take this as an offense, I just want you to know it´s better to avoid this type of event. it will make us more angry.
      Look into shugo eyes and you will see your destiny.

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