Skins in 6.2+

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    • Alibi wrote:

      They're one time remodel i believe.
      at this moment I cant check. And can be problem with trade like "non tradeble" after remodel

      upd: it says "trade broker possible" but when u trying to sell broker "cannot be traded"

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    • Every gear piece in this patch of any type and form is untradeable, unbrokeable (except craft gear), and can only be skinned once on something, just take a look at the items info when you hover (so even if you put skin on something tradeable, you will not be able to extract skin from it to use it on what you want).

      In summary, you can't drop any gear in this patch that you want skin from it if you don't have the required level and you can't use low level alts to give to your mains after. Only exception I've found and some people too is when an instance has a chest in it like Tiamat Fortress, and even then most of the time you'll drop nothing cause loot isn't 100%, but I didn't test this method a lot of times and see if other instances have chest loot too (Esoterrace comes to mind, I remember they have chests at the end dunno if they are still there and works like Tiamat).
    • well ok its your opinion but i usually have all this old white gear from sanctum that you could buy before 6.2 and looks like stuff for lvl 10 people from 3.0 i think its cooler if my char looks like trash and being special than someone who has expensive skins or armour but being mainstream xD
    • Ydri wrote:

      Tornheim wrote:

      Is there any way to trade those skins mentioned in the 1st post to your main char?
      Well I thought a littleu can make another account, farm set. At main account craft ancient trash, trade it, change skins and trade back to main
      And i was trying to do it differently, as im using peitan, which is freely moveable inside an account. When i used skin from 6.2, i couldnt put the peitan in the account warehouse due to the skin. i had to remove skin and then move it to acc warehouse.
    • The solution could be luna wardrobe shareable across entire account/account-wide. Maybe with increased space?
      At least for the same type armor. I mean, if you have a ranger/sin/gunner, it should work for all those chars on your account, cuz they wear leather.
      Sux you cannot register weapons in the wardrobe.