Pinned Bug/ Weird stuff reports 6.0 Beta

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    • Neverfelt wrote:

      The cutscenes of asmodian campaign inside Makarna isntanse is mixed with the elyos one. In speech / voice they mentioning "Killios" NPC which is in the elyos version, but later we see "Aimah" instead (the correct asmo NPC).

      90% of game's cutscenes need desperately a fix, sometimes no sound, and if it is, their speech doesn't match the subtitles.
      Must say translation is also getting worse and worse every patch. Awkward or downright broken english, all NPCs being he/him (this is not a meme, just shows they've done a shoddy job), and thanks NCS for making all character interaction "you listen/you nod/you end the conversation" :/ I know a lot of people don't read the text too closely or care much about this, but it makes the game feel cheap and bad.
      I mean.... ??????

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    • [NICK]reming wrote:

      Some Aethertech related bugs:

      The hook in Mirash often bugs (hook gets used, skill on cooldown yet you're still at the bottom) while you're mounted in the mech.
      The skill description for bludgeon is missing a second part: reduces attack speed and magical accuracy for 10 seconds (since it got combined with weakening sting)
      Having the same thing with the hook on my chanter.
    • Haven't played Aion for something like 3+ years now. Thought I'd try the PTS and see what's new.

      Having rushed through all the old quests on several alts, I didn't really bother to read the text much, but I was curious as to how the storyline had changed. Plus, I needed to know what to do for the new quests.

      I've not made a note of every text/translation issue I've encountered but there are a lot of them. The most prolific issue seems to be either extra spaces in mob names, and missing spaces between quest text and linked text within them. For example, clicking "Iron Horn Drakes" in the quest text for "Neutralisation of the Balaur Drake Farm" brings up a dictionary saying: "A Drake bred on theDrake Farm." (no space between "the" and "Drake").

      "Elimination of the Lepharists" quest in Aetherogenetics Lab tells me to "Wipe out the Theobomos Lab Special Soldiers" when the mobs are named things like "Special Lab Security Guard".

      Several quests tell you to get "a" something (e.g. "Get a Transparent Discus") and then have a quantity you need to collect (in this example, I had to collect 10 of them). I've noticed this for several quests now - another example: "get a Puca's Sack" and then underneath it says "Puca's Sack (x/10)"

      There's some gender confusion where NPCs refer to each other. e.g. Royer is referred to as a "he" in one particular quest I was doing.

      "Indratu Outpost Guard" has an extra space in its name between "Indratu" and "Outpost".
      "Indratu Outrider" is also like this, as is "Indratu Medic".
      "52nd Draconute Sorrowbringers" is mentioned in the quest that one of the above mobs is involved in, but it's actually an "Indratu Ironfist".

      One of the quests takes you to an NPC in Cloister of Kaisinel who tells you to talk to another NPC who is "right in front" of him. Actually he's in a room on the other side of the building.

      Looking at skill tooltips has a "Condition" part that says: "Stringed instrument can be used when equipped" (in the case of bard). Well, of course I can use a stringed instrument when it's equipped... I'm guessing it is meant to say "Can be used when a stringed instrument is equipped"? (Seems like a similar error to the one in the screenshot that Hakurin posted about taking worgs off of flutes...)

      The girl who greets you in Sanctum and says "they await you in the Lyceum" points in the wrong direction, and the camera pans that way as well. I'm pretty sure she was turned around 180 and moved from where she used to be but nobody bothered to update the video.

      As others have mentioned, the subtitles often don't match the speech in video clips. Some don't even convey the same sentiment (a video in Inggison is worded more "softly" while the voiceover is more "strong" in its tone.)

      A few old ones that are still around:
      If you have your UI resized so that it's smaller than the default, text gets cut off at the bottom line. This has resulted in "Royer" being referred to as "Rover" when mousing over the quest items involved in "For Royer 2".
      The notifications about "rift into Elysea" and "rift into Asmodae" text in Balaurea make no sense.
      "Something this coming out of my body" appears when killing the final boss in Aetherogenetics Lab. It should say "Something is", not "Something this".

      It's a shame really because it just makes it look like minimal effort has been put into polishing the game. I wouldn't mind so much even if this stuff got fixed after release (it's just cosmetic, after all), but it doesn't look like this happens.
    • Something I forgot earlier:

      In all General Goods Merchant NPCs I have interacted with, Elemental Stone and various return scrolls are shown under the "General Goods" tab, while Odella Powder, Bandage and Dimensional Fragment are listed under "Scrolls". This doesn't make sense - none of the items in the "Scrolls" section are scrolls!
    • Furrybeans wrote:

      Something I forgot earlier:

      In all General Goods Merchant NPCs I have interacted with, Elemental Stone and various return scrolls are shown under the "General Goods" tab, while Odella Powder, Bandage and Dimensional Fragment are listed under "Scrolls". This doesn't make sense - none of the items in the "Scrolls" section are scrolls!
      yea the tab names are inverted
    • New

      Some more I've noticed over the weekend. A few of these are perhaps a little more pedantic than others ;)

      NPC Milar offers a quest ("Repairing the Signia Aether Generator") which begins with:
      "Balaurea has much less Aether than Atreia".

      But - as Atreia is the name of the world - isn't Balaurea *part of* Atreia? This should probably be "Balaurea has much less Aether than the rest of Atreia".

      NPC Jerot offers a quest ("Warming Effect", I think) which contains with the dialogue:
      "Securing the Inggison Landing is absolutely top priority."
      Aside from the fact this quest is in Signia, the last line on this page from the NPC is:
      "So please keep helping us, " followed by your character name.
      You then have one option in response, which has a speech bubble containing an X as its icon, and the response is:
      "Nor can I!"

      The first thing NPC Jerot says when you talk to him is:
      "Arieluma. Your aid is needed in the Dredgions above."

      Apparently he used to be an NPC related to Terath Dredgion. While his statement may be true, it has no relevance to his purpose now.

      "March of the Bees" bard skill text is missing several spaces in its description, e.g.:
      "and reducesMagic Defence by550."

      "Illusion Variation" bard skill (possibly other "gatherer" skills) show the different levels as "1Level", "2Level" and "3Level".
      These should be "Level 1", "Level 2" and "Level 3".

      Potions have some slightly confusing text:
      "Immediately restores 243 HP and 216 MP every 2s for 20s"
      Does it restore 243 HP immediately, and separately 216 MP every 2s for 20s?
      Just getting rid of the word "Immediately" would fix this.

      After, putting a minion skill on an action bar and dismissing the minion, the tooltip will read:
      "Minion Skills1
      Automatic linking of the skills of summoned minions. If you summon a minion, you can switch its 1 skill. You can view minion skills under i"

      The text seems to be incomplete, or at least cut off. There's no space between "Skills" and "1" on the title. "Switch its 1 skill" seems badly translated.

      The creatures named "Raging Mosbear" and "Shy Mosbear" appear to be swapped around. I could be wrong on this, but:
      Raging Mosbear looks quite friendly and is non-aggro.
      Shy Mosbear looks angry and is aggro.

      Parzinerk has a description underneath of "Entrance Hall of the Mirash Refuge (Bonus)". Entrance Hall... What? It's a shugo.

      The Elyos level 77 campaign quest "The Vanished Researcher Atis" tells you to "Get Emergency Medicine for Atis" on the third step.
      There's no indication of where to find this medicine. Really this should say "Use Emergency Medicine on Atis", because it's an item in your quest cube.
      So I already have the medicine and just need to click on it.
    • New

      Rym wrote:

      Remove your GPU driver completely and reinstall the latest one.
      Its a problem with Aion (PTS) not the driver if i open my normal account everything is ok ,more people having this problem on Pts Server it seems when you adjust the UI under 100% to 90/80/70% it getting blurred, i removed my driver and did a clean install from latest driver problem exists on PTS on Normal server no problems.
    • New

      This might exist in the current game but I only have PTS installed so can't compare:

      After summoning a minion, in the "Minion Info" window there is "Menu" at the top right. The second entry on this menu says "Blocked". Seems a bit strange. I had no idea what it did so I tried it and it brings up another window saying:

      "Settings for locked minions
      This minion is locked. Locked minions don't appear in the list of ascension materials or combination materials."

      The message has an OK button and a Cancel button. Clicking "OK" then changes the menu option to say "Lift Block".

      I understand now what this is supposed to be doing, but the menu item and the message that is displayed is quite confusing. It should probably be labelled "Lock" and "Unlock", and the message should probably start with: "This minion will be locked" or "This will lock the minion", the explanation that's already there, and then "Are you sure?" Because at the moment it makes it look like it HAS been locked, before you click OK/Cancel.