Instances in 6.2+

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    • Instances in 6.2+

      Hello, let's talk a bit about the main instances in the new zone ^^ . I played a bit on test servers to check them out but didn't play much, if GF keeps it's promise for the test servers, everyone would be able to test for himself (hopefully) everything the patch has to offer, and to hope that the rates and everything are O K A Y :thumbup: .
      Now then, I'm gonna link the instances pages on the powerbook database so you can check the details and drops and other informations, feel free to respond to add more insight on this topic if some stuff is missing and what not.

      - Garden of Knowledge :

      Easily duoable with basic gear, soloable with better gear. Nothing changed from what I've seen, on how to run the instance.

      - Mirash Refuge :

      Seems nerfed, mobs hurt less, boss more easily defeated.

      - Holy Tower :

      Pretty much unchanged, needs a good group and gear to do it smoothly tho it seems, not sure about quest gear being enough.

      - Narakkalli :

      Is now 6 man (group), no more easy, normal or hard mode versions, you only need to rescue all the daevas (10), and kill the 4 bosses scattered around for the bombs needed to destroy the 4 generators before the first major boss. the second boss (Golmir) seems easier.

      The third phase (npc defense), the blue mobs dropping the blue orbs for the healing spell are quite common, usually appears in pairs I think, it seems there's more adds around, needs to be careful for the exploding ones as they sometimes gets loss in the mass, I've seen them only appearing on the left side (facing the npc). The healing process seems faster than before.

      The phase with the 4 mages seems the same, faster to clear but will also depend on the group composition like usual.

      Final boss looks like a "harder" hard mode version, you cannot revive if you die, managing the debuff switch is tricky with half the previous people available in previous patch, sometimes he behaves weird (?), we'll need to see our version.

      - Bitter Makarna :

      The progression has been changed, when you enter you talk to an npc to start a 30 min timer (for all the instance final boss included) and you have 3 portals that appears each one leading to a boss (Magma / Heat Protectors and Oris), it seems that you need to kill them all at the same time ? You need to split the alliance for each boss (3 for each protector and 6 for Oris), I'm not quite sure how it goes tho, if it's gonna have the same time frame window after killing one to finish the others or else they revive ? (at least for the protectors ?) Oris takes more time than those two obviously for how he goes. Anyways the fights themselves haven't changed and after killing them a portal appears that leads to Beritra directly.

      Beritra's fight changed a bit, his first human phase he has no shields, you just fight him normally, after 50% of his health at some time he transform to his dragon form and the second phase starts.

      Dragon form Beritra's fight is the same, but he has a ton of HP, the fight drags a bit and the timer on top of it.

      Overall, the alliance composition needs to go back to the usual way as it was the first time the instance released ( not like now with the yolo alliances in cross server LFG with no communication and strategy since we don't have the level + gear advantage ).

      - Prometon Workshop :

      This is the new instance in the patch, takes a bit of time as it's a pretty big place, all the bosses (4) on the way of the final one doesn't really offer any real challenge, the second "boss" is a gimmicky part where there's a corridor where a boss goes back and forth with 4 rooms ( 2 on each side ). You will have 3 mins to destroy 2 generators(?) that maybe pop randomly in 2 of the 4 rooms. The trick is to take the boss without killing him to the generators so he can "help" you destroy them in time, and also taking care of the mobs on the way to clear the path.

      The last boss has two phases. The first human phase, and at 50% of her health she will paralyze all the group and go to the middle and transform for the second phase. She seems to have TONS of health especially in the second phase, looks ridiculous. There's some "freezing"(?) mechanic with her with a bar on the top right screen filling up that I don't know how it works. From the videos I've seen, they stick together always (unless there's adds which you will need to quickly kill them or it seems you get one shotted) probably if she has skills that splits damage maybe. She has a buff (always it seems) that puts a debuff on who hits her. An ally will sometimes gets stuck in ice and you need to free them. If you die you cannot revive on the spot.

      In the end it seems that in PVE you will need a "regular" gear progression from easiest to hardest instance, each one requiring previous gear in order to be able to do it smoothly. Makarna (Weapons/Shields and Accessories) and Prometon (Armor, Wings, Feathers, Bracelets) are the ones giving the best end game red gear, and you will probably need to do Narakkalli (Weapons/Shields and Accessories) and Holy Tower (Armor, Wings, Feathers, Bracelets) to get some purple gear for it.

      *I'm sure everyone knows about a shugo that drops daevanion skills, in fact there's 3 versions and each of them have a chance to appear in one of these instances (maybe even some PVP instances?) in specific locations, here's the link to the official post about it in the official aion korean website, a quick google translation makes it understandable, so no point for me to explaining how it works but feel free to ask if you want about anything :

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