Returning player questions

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    • Returning player questions

      Hello, long time player who loves Aion with a few questions.
      I played since beta and took a break a couple times. Last patch I played can't remember for sure but the cap was lvl 70 and it was insane to get there, this was one of the reasons I quit, because I didn't had much time to play and high end stuff was getting out of reach.
      1) I had really nice lvl 65 gear, that is probably irrelevant now correct? Even maybe trading it for something I mean.
      2) How possible is it to get pve and pvp gear on 6.2? even on a fresh character.
      3) I read somewhere you still need to enchant feathers and stigmas and gear to +10/15, is that still as insanely difficult as it was? This one really pissed me off. When I played I think was the begining of people enchanting stigmas. 4) I don't care about the p2w, I still like Aion, but honest answer, how possible is it to play and have fun pve and pvp wise if you don't spend more than say 15€ monthly?
      I REALLY want to come back, I just don't want to be overwhelmed with 5 new items that I didnt know it existed that I have to +15 and 5 types of different shugo games with insane p2w that are absolutely necessary.
      Be honest with me, I just want to know what to expect when I install again. I honestly love Aion.
    • 1. Your gear is no use. But now you lvl up to max in a day or two depending in how hardcore you play
      2. You get campaign pve and pvp gear with quests at 75-80. After that you do camps or you can craft the 2nd best gear
      3. All enchantment has changed. Might be better or worse. Time will tell
      4. If you are willing to pay 10ish euros I'd say you would have a good time. No god mode like wallet warriors but good enough to enjoy the ganw