aion come back ?

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    • aion come back ?


      I believe and I want AION to be back on TOP games. I hope that a lot of old players will come back and new ones will be added. I will ask those who play beta or have experience with them. Does AION have this new patch to be a game that can swallow and be addicted again? :) I put big hopes into it. I guess the glory of the AION era has stopped but now it can all come back. I have not tried beta yet. I do not want to judge anyone, but the GF does not have much good say in the world of games just according to what is said. I probably understand why everybody wants back NCsoft but GF does a good job too. Or do you have any other opinion?

      Keep everyone nice and see you in the new AION that soon :)

    • Aion can't go back to its former short lived no matter what might happen.
      It's a game for a specific audience but it's old and it won't survive that long.
      For now it's ok, still playable.
    • It's possible if they manage to make some changes, the thing is they are so used with max p2w levels with 5.8 that they might not balance 6.2 properly, or know how to thread the line between f2p and p2w.

      Atm the issue I see are transformation scrolls.

      Oh also, you should start on the new server, if we'll even have one. On old servers people will start with several major advantages.