changes and compensation for lost features

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    • changes and compensation for lost features

      So i was reading the patch notes;

      and we will lose all the crafting skills and related stuff, and no compensation given? i have all skills mastered and it costed alot as some of you know, even construction... and the mats i have in the warehouse of all the alts...
      another thing, will we lose the gear we currently have? because the reworks gear system, if anything gets deleted, i might lose some skins that gave alot of work to get.

      and btw no more personal shop? only way to sell is broker or just selling in lfg?
    • yes you loose crafting and you get nothing for it - I have similarly all skills mastered and therefore levelled magical crafting after the first info about the crafting loss was published in Kelekelios "First Info" threads - the materials will be useless, and I assume that depending if normal gathering or balic you will receive kinah or AP (not knowing, just assuming)

      the gear you have you wont loose, its just less efficient - check the skins you have if they won't come back with a different name (it was a skin thread somewhere here
      edit: Skins in 6.2+)

      nop no personal shops - broker
      on trade you cannot give kinah anymore (the kinah possibility on personal trade is gone)

      re compensation:
      for the effort you spent to level crafting/gathering/tapping -> nothing -> complaints to NCsoft, they decided it would be a good idea
      for the mats -> probably kinah/AP (again, assumption, no definitiv knowledge)
    • Well, to some extend you can transfer funds through broker, put there a tradable item, set price and quickly buy it with other character. This option will always be possible.

      I am trying to use as many mats as i Can, including mosbear skins and ettin skins I still have deep down on all possible storages. Just for the sake of being thorough i made mosbear skin set if i find any nostalgic player later on. 8o Making and selling items still gains more than vendoring mats, so make whatever you can and/or exchange items that will become obsolete with players. I have for example too many popoku/chapir insignias, but miss like one or two pieces of prototype to finish an item. So, if you have time or wanna get out of routine, make a piece or two and vendor it. I collected thousand of hearts for balic recipes in the past and will at least try to make one set that looks good. I vendored all/most of jewelery and gear my characters wore that wont be exchanged and trying to use as much mats as I can to make jellies and those 2300 HP serums/pots with magical crafting and still most stiff will go to trash.

      If u have ruby, diamond and other ore, try to make scrolls if u have aether too, at least you 'll get something or at least complete stacks of 1000 if you have 999 now :) Make greater healing pots or those 84 sec wind serums. I will try to use flowers to make some water cans, could be a nice item for some people or curtains or other cute looking furniture. Better than throwing away and selling mats gives almost nothing. Keep items that sell for nothing now (like iron, bronze coins...) or for 1 kinah, Russiand got kinah for those /we cant sell them now) and if u have 10.000 x 1 (usually items from item cube) in 6.2 it's still 10.000 in 6.2, but just over 1000 if u sell now.

      Exchange insignias, kahruns, ancient coins, faction tokens, battle medals (buy battle gear and sell to Akaron shugo for ap).

      You wont get very rich, since 6.2 is another story, but u will have something for the poorest characters :D . Ir u cna always make someone else smile to give them something u cant use, but they can. Now it's the best opportunity to make people happy.

      If you reach vendoring limit, try to exchange them with other players (they sell your items, and give u stuff back) for group and legion kisks, res stones and similar, these things have almost the same price as now, which means they are actually 8,7x more expensive. And these 6.2 items are untradable (at least on PTS).

      It's kind of weird seeing how past efforts are being completely devalued, including collecting AP. Now you get 500k ap from siege. That's many relics.

      And none of halfproducts from magical crafts is usable in new system. I was starting to clear warehouses already a month ago, but this date surprised me a lot. Expected it a month later or so....
    • thanks for clarification, but its fair to ask for some compensation because crafting, at least for me, was my way to get some kinah ingame, at it was hard to get it, like the +20 gear that players will get compensated for. Its a matter of devaluating the effort i had, like Elysorrow said. BTW, i was looking in some alt WH and found some old L120+ enchant stones, dunno what to do with them...
    • Well, if you have earned from crafting more than you spent for it, there's no reason to let go of old system. My main problem with crafts and many other Aion features us that they became very time limited. Some crafts were worthwhile doing for maybe like a month and if you didn't gather enough mats in that period, items nor products could be sold any more or became practically useless.

      Otherwise, yes, for some it was very expensive, especially furniture crafts from 450-500. I think it would be fair to refund the kinah we spent to level crafts up, similar to house refunds, cause not all people did crafts and those were not at loss.

      I don't understand why they removed furniture crafting and kept housing system. It's the only crafted I stopped at 451, cause it was expensive, but mainly cause products took too much space and couldn't be sold for much. It was like throwing kinah away.

      In 6.2 all you can make, can be used, there won't be hundreds of different halfproducts and thousands of mats . Things are so simplified and together with other changes it's practically new game. As a casual player I don't like complete changes of systems, cause most of previous work is just lost, but on the other hand it's a great tool to practice disattachment from old habits. I learnt i should have sold far more mats when prices were high and waiting to get enough mats for my own crafts. We all have some lessons to learn.
    • Problem with the crafting systems was that 90% of it was never any use as drops were always more powerful. The system was never utilised properly like some other MMO's where crafting could be used to enhance drops.

      All the old crafting mats should get deleted at some point too. or I hope they will, my storage is full and just need to clear it.

      If you use storage in your houses which are 60days, i suggest you make a load of them because after next week, u won't be able to craft them with construction.

      I also spent a fortune GM'ing all the skills, when we had some nice weapons, but within weeks of all the weapons and armour being available every patch, increased drops and events of far superior items were given rendering craftables useless apart from skins.

      The new weapons and armour from Magic Crafting that will be available in 6. are also underpowered compared to drops...I think it should the reverse and that drops contain rare items needed to craft weapons/armour.
    • SneakyGerald wrote:

      What's wrong with you people, nowadays you want compensation for everything... Helou this is MMO.
      I have 10x 500% craftings crolls left ,they still sell them for 199 Aion Coins Each…+Improvement+Scroll+I+500

      Yes i want for this something back this it is 100,- euro worth of scrolls they can Deposit 1990 Aion coins back on my store account!