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      Add contract in droplist 104
        YES, balance drop for contract (98) 94%
        No I prefer buying Aion Coins to farm Xform contract (6) 6%
      Hello the 6.2 is very near,

      I noticed Transformation Contract is one of the key of this PATCH,
      unfortunitly I noticed we can buy only 1 Contract by alz at 13.7M, that must be a joke.

      While donator can buy unlimited amont of contract, players who can't donate will be forced to be weaker by times vs donators.

      So my suggestion is to add them by DROP also.

      (not tradable)
      1. Daily Luna (account quest 7x kill = 1 contract)
      2. Weekly Luna (account quest 1 kill =contract)
      3. Divine + Lakrum Siege CAP (Mysterious box x1 per cap)
      4. Dungeon of 6 players+ lvl 79+ Last Chest/Boss drop Contract 100% x1 (roll dice between the party) x1 (dungeon must be fixed, not all)
      5. Hero trial reward. (1 per week atleast)
      Mysyerious box can loot one random item:
      • Enchant stone Gold/ Mythic/Ultimate PVP
      • Xform Contract x1
      • Evolutions items for set (Ultimate) x5
      • Evolutions items for set (Mythic) x5

      This will rebalance donator vs none donator for the Transformation topic, this 1x contract per week by ALZ is a pure unbalance feature vs donators.

      Thanks for stoping this nonesens lack of communication, I have not heard anything about Transformation contract it seems to be only by donation (or 1x per week).

      Spending 2.000 Aion coins & all I get was 2 Gold. This dont make me wanna donate guys.

      remember : I am not asking for FREE CONTRACT, I am asking for a EARN DROP system, we farm for it.

      Siege cap reward will make the Faction PVP even more interessting, same for dungeon. Lets make it guys what you think ? This is a direct Message to GF, its nosens feature to add it exclusive CS items vs only 1 per week for 13M.

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    • Kotoro wrote:

      I am not asking for FREE CONTRACT
      you asked exactly for free contract

      Kotoro wrote:

      (not tradable)
      1. Daily Luna S Rank reward (same rate as enchant stone). x1
      2. Weekly Luna S rank reward (100%). x1

      even worse contract from luna instance can be abused since Transformations are shared between all characters. So, create new char, do weekly luna, get free contract, delete char, and so on.
    • Hey,

      Adding transformation contracts as rewards would be a great idea, but needs to be carefully planned... You don't want people to be able to abuse the system in one way or another.

      - Lunas (daily or weeklies) should not be included exactly because of the reason above. Either you spam toon creation, or you afk them on 11 alts and hope to get several Saam spawns for free s-ranks.

      As some mentioned in other threads, there are specific "Ancient Transformation Contracts"... These should be the rewards implemented.

      1. Since the whole shugo gold system is getting reworked, one of the rewards could be the ancient contracts (NOT in a bundle with a chance, but specifically this). I'd suggest adding a weekly purchase limit of 1 per account (presuming the gold gets sent to the main character of the account).

      2. Adding a currency (similar to greywolf medals or battlefield insignias) obtainable from the higher level (76+) instances, easier instances such as Mirash, Holy Tower, Garden of Know., Narakali, Prometun's Workshop. The idea behind this would be to get enough "Tokens" so that completing any of these instances x times would allow you to buy 1 ancient trasnformation scroll. Eg. 25 tokens per run from instances with 4 entries, 50 tokens from instances with 2 entries. This would allow for the purchase of another 5 scrolls.

      3. Adding 1 Hero Trials quest a week rewarding you with 1 scroll a week. The quest should obviously be something done solo (killing 20 mobs in 2-3 different regions each).

      4. Quest requiring you to capture a fortress, completed once a week.

      Although this would allow a player to obtain a total of 8 scrolls a week, there are several things to remember:
      - Not everyone is able to play on a daily basis.
      - Depending on the type of jobs and timezones people have, not everyone is able to attend siege or allow themselves to spend as much time playing as others.
      - Despite having this amount of scrolls, one could easily obtain transformations unfit for their class (4 magical, 4 physical, 3 hybrids).
      - Ancient transformations still give you less stats compared to what we currently get with scrolls/candies/title/buffs (40% movement 20% att/cast from ancient vs 60% movement 42%att/43% cast), but removes the feeling of moving in slow-motion.
      - Based on the experience from the PTS combining forms doesn't give you a higher level with a high chance, but again you could get something unfit for your class.
      - Those that invest into aion coins will still want to be ahead of everyone else, so I would worry about that either.

      Whatever the company decides to go with, I wouldn't go with "less than 5 scrolls a week" because of the above reasons.

      If anyone has any suggestions/modifications please add to this thread!

      Aim, Shoot, Reload, Repeat :sniper:
    • @Galeas I hope Gameforge is considering the fact that to get the last transformation which is Kaisinel the amount of transformations needed is insane. First of all because you need at least x6 legendary to have a little chance to get Ultimate so it basically means that you've already combined several to get the legendary one. So my point is, will those transformations be at least Ancient and above or crap ones like normal/large?
    • Kotoro wrote:

      I noticed Transformation Contract is the key of this PATCH,
      Then im sorry to tell you, but the key on this patch is not transformation contract, its legendary enchant stones and kinah, go figure youself why and what u can do with it vs someone who dont have it, then now do the same with contracts.
      Actualy im gonna make it so you can see it:

      Player 1 spends xxxx€ and got the ultimate transformation
      Player 2 spends xxxx€ and got purple pvp enchants from luna and kinah by selling on broker the cash shop items.

      Player 1 runs with red transformation on yellow gear
      Player 2 runs with green transformation with purple weapon upgraded and red crafted gear

      Player 1 can run for his life now, because if player 2 catch him, its gonna explode in 2 hits.

      Meanwhile F2P player is watching from 100m+ with mount up just in case.

      So again, what was the key on this patch ? being actualy geared or run/attack faster ?
      Only smart players that wants to spend money on the game to be on top will not spend it on contracts, they will spend it to be geared, because thats what really matters, with a green transformation its enought to perfom, you only need better gear to faceroll eveyone, transformations do not increase your dmg nor your defense like gear does.

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    • You can farm enchant stone in game to get geared up the good way, by questing farming etc...

      But you cannot farm Xform contract in game, because its mostly cash shop feature.

      That why we are asking Gameforge to add drop feature at least 7 contract per week for an active players.

      I still think 7 is lame, knowing with 40 contract I only got 2 gold.

      Imagine the amont of contract needed for the ultimate x form.

      Its simply insane to imagine from a none donator player view how long it will take me to farm the ultimate xform with 1 Conteact a week.

      For the LUNA there is still a solution ;
      Creat 2 account quest ;

      Kill the last boss of Daily luna 7 time : 1 contract

      Kill the weekly lasy boss of luna 1 time : 1 contract

      (The quest must be only account based, so you can do only 1 time a week per account).

      About siege CAP :
      They can add a mail gift where u get a mysterious box :

      In that box u can get one of those random:
      Enchant ston pvp Gold/Mythic/Rarely ultimate
      xform contract
      Item that required for evolution of set

      I still think we need reward like that on caping siege.

      This will end the AFK because :

      You cannot double account anymore
      You need to cap the siege
      Rewarded item box is totaly binded to account

      We can make a balanced system, not abusable one for the xform countract.

      If Gameforge ignore this topic and dont act I will probably not even try 6.2.

      1 contract a week is ridiculous, knowing in the cash shop its overpriced.
    • John wrote:

      Kotoro wrote:

      I noticed Transformation Contract is the key of this PATCH,

      Player 1 can run for his life now, because if player 2 catch him, its gonna explode in 2 hits.

      Meanwhile F2P player is watching from 100m+ with mount up just in case.
      As they said above me:
      1. Legendary stones can be crafted in luna.
      2. If you have ultimate, player 2 is NEVER going to catch him unless player 1 runs into someone else from the other side and gets slowed down...

      3. If one has legendary/ultimate and lets say +10 gear (since that's a safespot) while the other has +15 gear with ancient or below, the one with higher transform is going to win simply because faster cc, more kds stuns and faster use of skills in general which would make your gear useless as you'll just be watching...

      So far: Ancient transforms speed things up, but you still have more movement att/cast speed currently. Legendary transforms will give you the same stats as you have now with title and candy.
      Aim, Shoot, Reload, Repeat :sniper:
    • They need to add them, and for old players, i would LIKE to see atleast 1x ancient selection box that you could choose yourself right from the start. Game feels way, way too slow for people that are used to 30% running scroll + 22% on shoes + weapon, gloves and scroll on ATK/Cast speed.. As a sorc, main... I don't even wanna play the class if i have to have almost non-existant casting speed on nukes and such... And im 100% positive most people from most classes agree its a DAMN agony to play like that.
    • Kotoro wrote:

      Hizamaruu wrote:

      Wait wait , i might be wrong but are u suggesting to give us at least 5 contracts if we do all these stuff , just 5 ? While others will get 500 in like a minute?
      If you have PTS server beta, tell me how many contract u need to get 1 purple transfo. thanks
      i have PTS beta , i made like 3-4 accounts , got the 2k coins 2-3 times per account , used them all on scrolls got like 1 or 2 .

      If they make it like a weekly grind that we will get max 5 - 10 scrolls per week with these rates while whales will get 500-1000 per minute . Im out of here lol.
    • Up, can Gameforge communicate about the current suggestion ?

      Make contract dropable from dungeon & co on a resonables rate & quantity. We don't need event to compensate the lack of this feature, we need a real drop feature of contract.

      If it does not make sens I will reformulate.
    • its the same situation as with the luna nerf. People said we need more sources for apes and it took like 8 month with little to no communication to deliver the shugo coin vending machine. Within these 8 month there were several ape bonus boxes like 1-64 rng boxes. So yes, gf knows we are in dire need of contracts, they knew this 6 month ago, they do not have to collect data now and they will stay as silent as possible. Because thats how they have always done things. And dont be surprised if the great october event doesnt help at all. Because gf never did something generous in the past.
    • they did the right thing to melk the player

      Implemented zero sources for transformation, let ppl crying about that and then opened happy hour with 40% so ppl could cash and get their transfomation. Sadly ppl even fell right in their trap.