The prices of everything are insane!

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    • The prices of everything are insane!

      And I'm not talking only about item shop. I don't think anyone at Gameforge did any basic maths.

      Look at the Shugo Gold exchange. 6 days for a Lodas Silver Star. 20 days for a limited time costume. A week for some crap potions. A month to get ONE enchant stone. The best option is buying a Gold Ingot everyday, except you need hundreds of them.

      Okay, now go to Item Shop. One transformation scroll is half a monthly subscription. For the game to be barely playable you need at least orange transform with Attack/Cast Speed. Based on the people's experience it's around 2% drop rate. You need a proper one for your class, so let's say you're lucky, got it second time. That's 100 transformation scrolls = 5k coins = 200 euro. Not for the best one. Not even good one. For one that'll make the game feel less crap.

      There's barely any enchantment stones and transformation scrolls available in-game and you need literally hundreds of both, not to max out your character, but to get okay'ish gear. You can get a couple every week and that's it. It'll take years to gear up or one day if you spend enough (and by enough I mean upwards of 10000 euro).

      It came partially from Korea, I get it, but their Item Shop is 20-50% of our prices. Here you need a large loan to have a shot at decent stuff.

      I know it's a difficult concept, but how about actually rewarding players for playing? Where's the option for players that want to spend 20, 50, 100 euro a month? Because you can't buy anything worthwhile for 100 euro in Aion right now.

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    • its so funny to see ppl start to panic 1 week before the patch after a year of insane hype
      if you bothered to read stuff on the net or watched some videos from any other region you would know this patch is 200% more p2w than any other patch before in the last 10 years of this game and you would hope like many ppl that this patch will never come here at all for the only reason this is the first time that the game went f2p on korea and they pushing the shop there hard for that reason. and you expected gamefore not doing the same thing ? yes the prices are insane but you remember the time when they where not on gameforge store ? it was always x3-x5 more than any other region well at least you can get 1 enchant stone per month from vending machine if you use gold pack )) why do you think they nerf the serum exchange 1 week after the video after ppl spend billions of kinah on them
    • I totally agree with OP.
      Some people would like to shop, hell even 100€, but you get nothing even with that amount. The progression is completely wrong.
      You are not Apple or some premium pricing company. You are nyerk at this point (to be kind) and have lost the sense of value of money.
      Some of your playerbase comes from countries where the average income is 500€ / 600€ a month. Luckily there are also other users with a way higher income that realized they are spending money on nothing and have stopped supporting you.
      The only target for this shop is an ignorant whale.
      I already said it in the past, but this is insulting.
    • F2P my nyerk... Its p2p. Every gp ingame has to be bought with €. There is no option to get it w/o using €, just that you use your free time as currency for some1 else €, but you know the thing with time is money, apply even in games. Gf doesn't care how you obtain it, in the end for every gp used they get paid in real life currency.

      It seems people get fooled easier if they can sell their free time for some1 else cash into a game. So they applaud publisher and say hurray we got f2p. :atongue:

      Look at WoW, sure you can get your sub or other things by selling your gold in game just like here, but they never claim its free to play. :love: