Few Questions regarding 6.0

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    • Few Questions regarding 6.0

      Hi all,

      Everyone is apparently happy with the transformations, i ask this, why transformations potions instead of just a single potion that will give you the atk/cast spd, crit strike/spell and so and leave your character the same, as if we're are always going to be transformed what is the point in having the character customisation as we have in aion?

      Where do these powershards drop? - as of up until now all mobs that i've killed none of them dropped those powershards, i have them because i bought them through the shop, but there was no drops whatsoever (beta testing, lvling until 70 atm).

      I think these are the questions for now.
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    • Many people dont like the transformations.

      If there would be 1 undestructable potion, who bother to buy the scrolls froms shop? and invisible scrolls? GF/NCSoft are focusing on the transofrmation scrolls as their main source of income now and they will not jeopardize that, even if for the players that would sound perfect.

      On PTS i had no trouble getting shard drops from mobs. They did not drop always but quite fequently. When I tried to use them and I was burning through them pretty fast ... so probably it will be a kinah sink too.
    • Forum is flooded with complaints about transformations just look around a bit. :D The potions are temporary, and there isn't a version that lets you keep your appearance. You need to unlock permanently said transformation with contracts and use transparent scrolls to keep your appearance.

      The shards probably drop only in end game zones/instances, I'm not sure since I didn't play on the PTS.
    • Hello

      I have a question:

      can I fusion Ancient grande (6.0 item) with Fabled (4.0 item) ?
      color = color ?Gold with gold ?
      For example New campain pve weapon with some old gear witch 19 % attack speed
      and second example:
      new Ultimate pvp recompense with mythic luminiel weapon

      And it will be worth?
    • Not sure if possible and even if it was it wouldn't be worth (maybe the game won't let you fuse them even), the game works under "new" reworked stats and those are only available in the new gear (and the pve/pvp attack/defense are not the same as before), you will miss on a lot of important stats just for a bit of atk speed.