6.0 AP weapon exchange

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    • 6.0 AP weapon exchange

      So, on the patchnotes it seems like High Archon Praetor’s +15 and High Archon Commander’s +15 weapons will be exchanged for a Daeva Fighter's Ancient +5Selection Box.
      Since a High Archon Commanders +10 weapon is basically the upgraded version of the +15 High Archon Praetor's weapon I don't understand why the +10 version of the upgraded weapon won't get exchanged as well.
      Could some Admin please clarify this?
    • Noone does, they have weird logic. In fact, I am pretty sure they never even thought about such details. Logically everything between commander +10 and +15 should be exchanged, not just lower limits (actually praetor +15=commander 10 ) and upper (commander +15). And people should get exchanged weapons also if they upgrade old gear after the patch. Upgrading date should not make a difference, meeting the conditions should be only relevant criteria.

      Praetor +15 and commander +15 don't differ that much in stats, but since more mats are required to reach commander +15, they could at least give some ench. stones along the new weapon. This would be logical compensation for extra effort/ (real) money spent. Their logic is spend more to get less. I feel sorry for people who maybe have commander +13 or +14 and will remain empty handed. I hope there will be none such cases, but...

      Forget about getting any reasonable answer. It will never fit with our logic and reasoning.