Old Zones

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    • This might be an odd question, but am I the only one who is sad to see the old zones go?
      I Will miss then since I play the game for story and "The Journey" to end game, not just rush there
    • I kinda preferred the design/layout of the old zones compared to the new ones (i.e. all Balaurea ones).

      I found Verteron to be a fairly interesting map, especially with the creatures standing in the water.
      Morheim was pretty cool, especially as an Elyos rifting to do spy quests it really gave some atmosphere to the game.

      Theobomos... Well. Nah. The only thing I liked about that was that it was designed for you to visit at a lower level, and then come back at a higher level. There were some interesting parts I suppose.
      Spent a lot of time in Eltnen. Will probably mostly miss the background music from a few areas there.

      Personally, I'd prefer more maps and content to be added to Elysea/Asmodae. It's all pretty much an empty shell now - a recap of past events and then it takes you to Balaurea. I suspect they'll either remove Elysea/Asmodae altogether (which would be even sadder to see) or somehow the lands will get "rebuilt" and maybe we'll have more maps then?
    • OFC I can see why they are removing them, but if they don't have any plans for the zones why not just leave them in as flair? All those poor NPC's in the zones, they wont ever get the help they need :D