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  • Aion Advertisements

    How many of you seen past 5 years any advertisement for Aion in your country, social media or any gaming site you read / follow or any gamecons, cosplays, gaming events, tournaments etc.?

    How about new 6.0 patch advertisements? Did you even get as a old player any notifications to mail or anywhere that you would hear about the new patch? Or did the words just go via "Friends".

    Myself, I have not seen any Aion advertisements anywhere past 5 years. Not in any social media, not even mail as a subscriber.

    Have I just misssed all advertisements around everywhere or has there not been any? What is your experience of advertisement for Aion?

    I am just a bit concerned if there are not really that much advertising going other than players telling other people, will there be coming that much new players?


    Last advertisement I got from Gameforge on mail was "RockShot" game on Steam.
  • 0... there is emissary program up atm , which should attract people to aion I guess by making videos about 6.2, but these emissaries mostly have 1-2k subs and these are aion players , it's a nice try but it should be way more I guess
  • Those youtubers are not here to attract players through their channels (if they do greta but taht's not the number 1 goal). The number of viewers doesn't matter here as we offered them to collaborate with them to create content which will be advertised on our plateforms. Yhere will be "bigger" youtubers streaming/ making videos about AION, but that's a different group for a different purpose.
  • Galeas wrote:

    You missed it because there is a lot of advertisement. Several posts a week on Twitter and facebook. Massive mailing etc etc... I won't give the full plan but it is massive.
    Really? I've got like 5 aion accounts and still haven't gotten a single mail about 6.0 update. And I think people who follow aion on twitter and facebook are usually the people who work for aion or people who play the game..
  • Advertising people who play this game already and liked the game on twitter and facebook wont get you new players... not even returning players.

    Spamming 'Aion 6.0 A NEW DAWN' in the forum wont get you more players either, since only a minority is lurking here.

    That advertisement of yours should of be focused on putting your ad on other main media sites as youtube or as side ads in gaming portals. You have the game on steam and not even there you can find anything about the promised Aion 2.0.

    The advertisement looks rather slim than anything
  • To close the debate we are doing a lot of things. I just named examples here and all of this is built together. So it is not relevant saying this or that doesn't work when I give one example from a massive plan. There is a full campaign including almost everything you can imagine: social media (not only addressed to people that like the page) campaign, mailings, ads, streams, new website etc etc.

    This topic was raised already in another thread and I gave an answer also there. Therefore I'll close the topic.

    Don't be worried we are doing a lot to get new players and get a lot of players back that is for sure :)