What Class Should I Reroll in 6.2

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    • What Class Should I Reroll in 6.2

      Okay so im planning to reroll with the upcoming patch meaning i will stop playing with my SM which i completely SUCK at. Yes i admit i am a NOOB. I usually get teleported to the gates of heaven without even noticing im being attacked lol anyway lets just calm down a bit....

      So do you guys know which class is easy to, well lets say starting to PvP, or just generally? If you have any idea about the changes the classes gonna get and any suggestion on which class could be easy to play well, i'd love it if you shared it with me.

      P.S: In the last patch the only time i managed to kill smo was when i was playing with my Bard lol that was the only time in my whole life tbh anyway but i guess i kinda heard that Bards are not gonna be as good as they were in the next patch? (or were they good at all or was it just me liking the class idk.)

      sorry if the thread already exists but couldnt find any satisfying info on the net. :cookieshugo:
    • wait a sec :D you are sm and u wanna reroll then sm to any other class? keep playing sm bro till 6.5 sm will get good buff and also i dont think they will bring those mini balance patches to eu which belong to 6.5 part of that sm get nerf as they are doing right now.. we are getting so called 6.2 without mini patches..
    • breezee wrote:

      i kinda heard that Bards are not gonna be as good as they were in the next patch?
      Bards are still strong.
      If you enjoy playing it, do it and you'll learn it easily because it's an easy class and you'll get a more immediate reward for your time.

      If you play a harder class, the learning/success curve becomes considerably wider.
    • M8, you are bad with SM, you dont reroll, just simple quit from the game :D In 6.X dont have easy class like in 3.X- 5.8 temp+ sorc, you need brain + gear and you have 50% chance for win. All classes is very very good and strong. Maybe have a little mage dominance (bard, sorc,sm…) and have a class, the AT what a little weaker, but all in one in 6.X the game for 1v1 balanced. And one more. Many ppl think, the chanter is OP in 6.X. For this players, the surprise is coming soon :) The chanter is very good in 6.X, but not OP, no easyer, simple balanced...
    • SM is easy to play for current old players, but from a newbie ungeared like him its very hard dont be so rude with him.

      I personaly think that he is not meant for playing SM, because if he is looking for BIG DMG in 1/2 shot its simply not his class.

      Barde is the easyest class when it come to combo / dps if you enjoy it this class is a fun thing to play, a little bit hello kitty but if you like it so be it.

      some class like SM/SORC/ARCH need a lot of good reflex to play if you fail in one step you simply lose most of the time (exept if u are very skilled u can allways comeback).

      if you are looking for an easy to learn classe here it is :

      1. Bard
      2. Bard
      3. Bard
      4. Bard
      5. Bard
      6. Gladiator
    • Let's not be mean lads :D

      If you have a hard time realizing what's going on and you really don't want to play SM, i'd say go for bard. But my personal advice is that you should find a class that you enjoy playing, don't just pick one because it's strong. Also try spending some time learning mechanics/your reaction time etc because these are things that you will need in any class.

      EDIT: People often times get discouraged from PvPing because they get stomped by people who are more skilled and just go "oh i suck at this, not gonna do it anymore". But this is how you learn honestly, people don't just walk into this game knowing everything and the best way to learn is...by getting facestomped. 99% of the people that will wreck you at the start used to get wrecked themselves before learning, it takes time/practice. You will start to realize "oh i could have done this or that differently in that situation" and you will eventually start to lose less and less.

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    • okay thanks for all the suggestions guys. SM was my first char and it felt complicated in pvp like it takes a lot of dedication to progress and to figure it out idk it was just hard for me tbh.

      i dont mind people being mean. im asking for help and being harsh on smo who is already harsh on themselves just shows how a "good and awesome player" you are. (that was sarcasm btw if you dont have the brain lol)
    • Everything depend on your playstyle :

      Gunner : Run & pewpew
      Archer : Sleep Arrow & trap will be somthing you'll spam.
      Gladiator : close your eyes and aoe alot (good pve/pvp)
      SM: debuffer/crowd controle fear
      Sorc : Can be god if you know all classes meta (dmg dealer/ crowd controle)
      Chanter : regeneration GOD, mentra buff perma, its a must have in any party.
      Templar : Tank, grab spammer, very hard to kill if well played.
      Cleric : The unkillable god, op regen/heal, run+hit+heal and win.
      Aeth : Tank + Magical burst.

      If you are looking for a class that can 3 shoot play Sorc, if you want to help ur party play cleric or chanter, if you want to be a hero play sorc if you want to be a god of tank play temlpar.

      If you want to be cancer play SM.
    • @OP
      I'd stick with SM if I were you since the class it's easy to play, learn and someday master.
      Just play it, see what works and what doesn't and determine which skill rotation is the most optimal.

      Nevermind other biased opinions.