Pinned 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS

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    • as @Galeas asked i'll report it here to

      where is the npc for the devas help with the box of different lvl rewards?
      it was there on our pts and on Ru they got it to

      luna buff in high end instances ask's for Quna and redirect you to the KR website

      also had the estima problem (on my sin 6x +7 estimas 3x +5 and 1x +6 didn't got the gold bars or kinahs for them)

      as i said on previous post: all the scrolls on the pouches where not converted buff scrolls and entry scrolls

      all stuff on the mail where on our cube and i had to make space for 350+ objects

      also giving absolutely nothing for grey wolf and other coins was really a cheap move

      also had like 300+ bags of 3x10 1h scrolls that got just deleted no compensation, they where not supposed to be on the list of exchange items and the items inside are not to be deleted (item code still alive in the new client)

      the luna bug that didn't drop the reward was reported long time ago and the RU move was to make the reward drop at the beginning of the instance regardless of the result (double drop for low levels but ho stays low level for more than a week? )

      in lakrum when you go to the teleporter in the city ely side quite all the time you get stopped by the step and you need to jump to go to the TP (same problem on pts and even on RU version it's a KR to be fixed bug)
    • Galeas wrote:

      Dele wrote:

      @Galeas Can you please give us an ETA for the fix of the Estimas problem and the mistakes of exchange some items like pvp +25 wings ?
      I don't have an ETA wings should be not that hard, estimas might be a bit more complicated. Hopefully we can find a solution for both and do it early next week. But nothing for sure for now.
      i hope u know that most of us can't play while we know that we lost our items, because we lost the estimas from inventory too while we didn't even confirm the selling of them !
    • @Galeas

      Support wrote:

      Hello Yukana,

      Thank you for contacting the AION Customer Support.
      Unfortunately, it looks as you've had the "Archon Commnader's" items which are not being compensated; only the "High Archon Commander's" version has been exchanges.

      Should you have other questions, please let us know!
      but cmn there is no other 80 ap archon commander gear its high archon however you look

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    • I wanna add to bug report: There are quite a lot of invisible walls middle of everything in Lakrum (especially close to mountains.

      Should we report the locations of these invisible walls hindering us move normally? (They are about 5-10 meters wide)

      Also: Why can't I sell anything to NPC's? Meaning why is my Kinah sales limit already from beginning on exactly 0?

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    • Koru wrote:

      @Galeas hi i had 1000 bags of powerful scroll that just got deleted from my inventory on log in so i lost 200 legendary transform bags no one said you need to open them any other regions got the exchange for them to RU got 1 legendary box for each x5 bags and korea did't even exchange them and ppl there had a option to use them in game after 6.0 there

      so i just lost 600 legendary transforms cuz no one said you need to open them in EU ? i didn't had space to open them all and cuz no one said you need to i didn't if some one said you need to open the bags i would do so and move normal scrolls from my inventory cuz the 1h ones was giving much more than the 5 min ones but no one did say anything and i even saw ppl on your wall ask you 1 day before the patch and it got ignored Screenshot (46).jpg

      esset23 wrote:

      Tradable serums should be exchanged for new tradable via broker stones. But, apparently, the bag ID was just copy pasted from the item above (jakunerk APES), so it cannot be traded.

      However, tradable APES exchange is not affected.

      Fix pls
    • Do not know if this is a bug....

      A friend had 2.5KKK, possibly a little more, in account warehouse, it is not there now. It has not been changed to gold ingots and allocated to any character on the account. Where was this money supposed to go? What should they do?
    • [Jakunerk] Estima are still in game and can be equipped (well, after equipping they are in the oblivion, you hear equip sound and it’s gone xD).

      Siege problematic is back, (at least on Deyla, i think there were at least 800 players on the field) 2-3 FPS with not up-to-date hardware but still high end PC. This should be looked at, maybe minions or pets interfer again and yes all options to disable them are active.

      Some scrolls are still in game (to be precise the boxes from healing camp event which contain 30 minute scrolls), that can be used on top of transformation, unfair advantage for some people.

      And last but not least a serious bug: Transformation Contract in shop have no buying limit, you can buy them in infinite amounts :evil:
    • I agree on the siege problem, I have a good pc also and everything was terrible, always less than 10 fps :dislike:

      And one more thing......why on the PTS the fluxes were normal tradeable items and here they are not? I remember putting them in account WH on the PTS.