Pinned 6.0/2 BUG REPORTS

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    • Furrybeans wrote:

      This might be an old bug, but I didn't play for ages and have noticed this twice in the past few days:

      If I jump into the windstream in the middle of Lakrum, from the West (i.e. Elyos side) roughly around the Manushika Lookout Post, it can send me flying out of the windstream, through the mountains in the direction of the Heavenly Lights Garrison. During this, my flight time goes down as if I am just gliding normally. This continues until my flight time runs out, at which point it rubberbands me back to where I entered the windstream, and I fall to the ground there and take fall damage.

      I suspect being on a mount when entering the windstream may cause this, as the dismount happens automatically when touching a windstream so the game probably gets confused by the dismount and entering windstream happening at exactly the same time.

      See picture attached for an example of this problem happening. I did a /ping during this and it came back as 66ms so it doesn't seem to be lag related.

      Aside from this, I see the really old animation bug where idle players repeatedly scrape their feet across the floor is still here.
      dunno if old bug or not, but happens to me aswell, is annoying because you loose the time and just have to wait.
    • Miiuuchan wrote:

      Narakali end boss keeps reseting without any1 dying...everything is doing correctly, we made already a lot runs and sometimes this happens ?(
      it happens every time someone is dead and stays dead in the room, the boss targets him at random and thinks everyone is dead so it resets

      you need to res and stay down stairs to avoid this bug.
    • Galeas wrote:

      I think from estimas it is just gold ingots. I just rechecked the FAQ about that.

      Galeas wrote:

      Galeas wrote:

      Noctis wrote:

      Noctis wrote:

      @Galeas pls answer

      - will gold bars recieved from estimas also give 1.3kk extra kinah per goldbar? It was so in Russia.
      - i have a bunch of 1h scroll bundles (running etc.). Will i get any legendary potion refund for those?
      - will the 1h scrolls dissapear once they get exchanged to legend potions? I was told theyll be usable in 6.2
      - will kinah from sold broker items also get taken and coverted into ignot+1.3kk? Broker wasn't mentioned in ur post so better to confirm but I assume it will.

      @Galeas info pls. And dont forget to update q&a regarding scrolls. Still need that answer.
      1- It should be the same for us but I don't know yet.2- You will get potions for each stack of 1000 of a specific type of scroll, only a stack of 100 are required for indomitable scrolls.3- Yes it will disappear otherwise it wouldn't be an exchange then^^
      4- Same as for question 1 we are waiting for the script from NC.
      1 and 4- everything gets collected (mail, broker) into the inventory of the char and gets then converted to Gold Ingots and Kinah

      @Galeas with full respect galeas u said alrdy its gold bars + kinah more than 1 time so please don't change it now !
    • To clarify the shugos/daevanion skills.

      There are 3 types of shugos:
      -Untrained Smuggler Shukiruk (looks red, GoK one) - will always drop ancient skill box, which means it will always be the same one.

      -Smuggler Shukiruk (looks red like GoK, but different name; has a chance to spawn in GoK btw) - will have a chance of dropping legendary skill box, which means it's a random skill for your class.

      -Splendid Shukiruk (looks gold/yellow) - will always drop a legendary skill box, which means it's a random skill for your class.

      (Thank you..i believe it was @Click, for originally posting this link)

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    • Hjarta wrote:

      Me and my bf got a legendary box the 1st time we found the shugo in GoK xD he won, too bad he got the same skill that he bought for 200 gold bars :thumbdown:
      Well that sucks :c

      Also dont quote me on this but i saw somewhere that the legendary boxes always give you a skill that you dont already have. Though i believe this is not the case for red boxes (gold ingot ones), hence people getting repeat skills from it. Again, what im saying could be totally wrong, as i saw this in a video description about farming boxes and did not test it myself.
    • Miiuuchan wrote:

      Narakali end boss keeps reseting without any1 dying...everything is doing correctly, we made already a lot runs and sometimes this happens ?(
      He can reset if you end up with everyone passing the buff and he then recasts (i.e. u didn't kill him quick enough), the way around this is to pass the buff around 4 or 5 people, then kill the lowest DPS, so if u do get buff again, should be in the last 15% and boss will be dead not long after.
    • Probably an older bug as I understand this is not a new instance, but anyway... Walked AROUND the falling hail/ice rain and died at the position shown.

      I'd prefer the circles on the floor to be made bigger so that it reflects the true area to avoid, rather than making the area smaller.
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