Pinned [Known Issues] 6.2 - AION - A new dawn!

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    • Those are the major issues we have right now and the status about it:

      -Estima exchange: the estimas were compensated with Gold Ingots on 01/10.

      -PvP wings/ Gloves: The exchange took place on 01/10 and 10/10.

      -Shugo Gold/luna from the new goldpack: The system of daily bonus for shugo gold and monthly bonus for luna doesn't work. We deactivated it and are looking for another solution that would provide those items in the same amount but in a different way. All Shugo gold and Luna that you should have received will be sent to you when we implement the solution. There will also be a small compensation top of it.

      -Transformation potions: Many of you pointed out that the legendary potions you got from the scrolls compensation and the event have a message saying "It will expire after the event". The potions will NOT disappear when the event ends.

      -Union Server shows Quna Shop instead of Luna. (fixed)

      -APES and HUS from the veteran rewards are not tradeable to the NPC for new enchantment stones. We will exchange it to a version that you can trade to the NPC in the upcoming days.

      -Divine fortress rewards are incorrect – (gold medals): we reported it to NCSOFT and are waiting fro a fix.

      -Eye color changed on some characters: we reported it to NCSOFT and are waiting fro a fix.

      - Minion pet: Auto loot is not working as well as the hide function we reported it to NCSOFT and are waiting for a fix.

      - Luna: We reported the fact that character under lvl75 drop the flesh for the quest every time and characters above 75 don’t get it. It seems to be a bug indeed.

      - Portal for Divine Siege opens an hour later than expected and NPC which should spawn before Lakrum Siege spawns when the siege starts.

      -Ranger Skills bug: We reported it to NCSOFT.

      -Arenas rankings not reseting correctly It is being checked and will be reported when all data is gathered.

      -Garden of Knowledge (Bonus) available via Union Server (Interserver)