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    • Nergal Server

      Hey @Galeas hope you have time to read my post.

      I am Max, from The Seventh Army legion on the Public Test Server. I have done an online faction population check on Nergal Server (20h Server TIme) and this is the result:
      504 Asmos
      362 Elyos
      It is clear that the Asmodian faction is dominating. We don't want Nergal to have the same fate as Grendal therefore I am suggesting that:
      1. Let's encourage new players coming to the server to roll an Elyos at least for now. We all know that Gameforge MIGHT not put faction restriction so we have to take matters in our own hand.
      I am suggesting this because I want to create a positive experience not just for me, but for everyone on the server. For example, Lakrum sieges on the PTS were amazing because the amount of Elyos vs Asmodians were almost equal with a little favour to the Asmodians. Let's relive the short amazing time we had on the PTS and spread the word that the ELYOS NEEDS YOU!

      Nergal is actually doing pretty well at the moment. However, [DE] Ereshkigal is not. I want you to know that if these 2 servers are to survive for a long term, you, as part of the Aion Team in Europe must put a temporary character creation lock on Asmodians right now on Nergal and advertise the new [DE] server in Germany. Furthermore, Antriksha is doing pretty bad due to the mass migration by players caused by merging Grendal with Antriksha. Now we do not want these 2 new servers to end up like the previous merged servers. I am doing my part to encourage people but the Aion Team must also do their part. See image below:


      Feel free to join our new Facebook Group for Nergal
      Nexus: Zach (Asmodian Cleric) 2012-2014
      Spatalos: Maurine (Elyos Gunner) 2014-2015
      Telemachus --> Deyla: Finland (Asmodian Cleric) 2015-2016
      Grendal --> Antriksha: Cersei (Asmodian Bard) 2017-2018
      Nergal: Max (Elyos Cleric) 2018-Present
    • It's kinda meh. Especially the situation with Ereshkigal, they just needed to create a new single international server.
      Sadly, they should kinda merge Nergal and Ereshkigal.

      And yeah, try to fix the numbers on elyos/asmo