Aion 6.2 it's Good but Not Perfect

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  • Aion 6.2 it's Good but Not Perfect

    The new update just dropped, sadly it look more like a mobile game, we event have pop up message wen you enter a instance to get boost.
    Whit time player will banish from the game, thanks to the lack of consumables required to progress.
    So here are some suggestion:

    - Increase Drop rate outside dungeons. (Bots are not legal here, using drop rate design for KR is not going to work here)
    - Give at least one Ancient transformation contract per character. (Make it so we select one for our class)
    - Craftable Transformation Pots.

    One gold pack per month is enough, now we are forced to pay more just to be able to progress, since you do nothing without consumables.

  • - You need uprgade 16 items to +15, exchange to legendary, again upgrade to +15, exchange to ultimate and again upgrade +15... And upgrading system is totally shi**y. 50x ancient stone and 15 legendary and i upgrade my ancient staff from +0 to +10, its a joke... xD

    - Transformation system - another idiotic idea, f2p players can buy transformation contract one a week. And it's extremely hard to get a nice transform. 99% of contracts is normal/large and they're just shi**y. No scrolls, no attack speed/casting speed in weapon, no speed in boots. When playing, I feel like playing in slow motion.

    - And a lot of bugs.

    In my personal opinion it's one of the worst update... :(
  • After 2 days of playing the patch i just want to log off and uninstall the game . Enchanting everything multiple with the most garbage succes rates even from 0-10 , playing with atk speed 2.5- 2.7 with polearm and moving at 6.5 speed just give me brain cancer . Paying kinah for every 10 minut on the scroll is just kinah drain . The exchange for the scrolls we had was just one big ripoff , 9k scrolls and GF give me 60 legendary potions that already used up after 1 day of playing and the free ones we got from GF gave 1 normal and 1 large that don’ t even have the right stats for gladiator at all . Well for me they actually finally managed to turn the game into something that make me feel like just end it though i always liked aion over any other game for the past 6 years.
    5.8 was alot better imo , 6.2 well i cant find the right word to say how it feels atm when playing .
  • I actually don't mind the patch that much (goodness knows farming e50 took forever), but the feeling of playing with constant soul sickness is terrible and when I'm out of pots idk how much more I'll be playing. Feels like robbery to keep movement, attack and cast speed behind a paywall. Yes it's NCS design, but GF could do something about it (several good suggestions on this forum already).
  • biggest ripoff ever.... played for 3 days and i had out of form pots and its not fun running around in slowmotion and that attack speed... omfg i wanna killmyself... now we have to pay for something that for years was free or we had the stats on the gear... but even if you pay you get ripoff... 11 transformation scrolls today 10 whites 1 green 9 of them for mage classes :) seems fun !!! 200 gold bards for a friking skill thats like 4b old kinah or so.. are you for real ?? also got mad when saw all the things i gather for months/years.. like medals and sh&%$ worth 1kinah :) old manastones had hundreds not worth anything now... supplements??? shitons of them same thing... worth 1 kinah .. after all this i said ill give it a try maybe a week.... farm and tried to gather mats to craft and get better gear... when finally got 2 lower parts had to use 119 enchant stones on them.. one proc. to +15 the other +4 ... had to waste slot stones and 1.8kk ap... after upgrade it goes to 0 :D so you say this patch its good but not perfect??? not even close !!! im done not playing anymore
  • I still cant believe what I have seen in game was set up on servers.
    Guys with 45% attack speed destroy you while you are turtle and you cant do anything: no ways to farm contracts, they werent given in proper amount (i got only x32 legendary potions).

    Drop on Holy Tower is like in old times: only 2 parts+feather for whole group. Rest didnt check.

    Upgrading of gear is impossibly nerfed: by yellow enchantment stones I did only one part of gold gear +6 after 40 attempts. So, literally I need to farm about 1000+ to enchant whole gold set+accessories +7+8, then to use a lot (i guess more than 200) of purple enchantment stones to do it +15, then to upgrade gear to legendary, then the same till ultimate and the same till +15.

    Runatorium is again crap as before.
    They indeed improved it when deleted Kunax: there were 20mins fights. Now its 10mins, then "who overdps kunax". You cant finish it fast vs randoms. And again with items, fire device and only 1 run instead of 2.

    Also liked these bugs: some ppl fight us with old scrolls+candies+transformations.
  • The patch is good designed, but poorly executed. The transformations are the most garbage things in the history of the game, this should never exist in the game it force you to use cash shop with a pathetic drop rate of 43424 useless animals. So its like throwing 1k euro into fire and watch it burn, outcome is the same.

    I dont know why ppl were so hyped about it, sure looks less complicated at first, but when you play it its just few days ppl will run out of pots and the same day unistall it.
    PVP wise nothing to do realy, mybe add 2 runatoriums so 3 in total.

    Solution : 1. Give back old scroll system and delete this disgusting tigers and pinguins.
    2. Give us choosable ancient contract if not legendary
    3. Legendary pots for each day, like 20-50 for just logging in

    Playing with 0 speed and attack speed makes me wanna hang myself.
  • Give at least one Ancient transformation how Im suppose to play with assasin with 1.5 attack speed instead of 0,8-0.9.Im playing this game 7years this is worst patch ever pvp is ruined its now more like cat and mouse game one dude running with 12 speed while other guy with 7.5 speed lol.....most broken patch ever imagne WoW to delete all stats/pots and only to depend on some stupid gey looking transformations CORE OF GAME IS SPEED/ATTACK SPEED JUST DONT MESS WITH THAT O M G
  • well i dont need them to give me free contracts.. but at least put them on game so i can farm at least ancient ones.... or on shop for 49 coins but again let me choose one ancient...and for my class not random !! Not whiling to pay hundreds of euros and get all whites like i got yesterday...
  • BigHairyRenamed wrote:

    or on shop for 49 coins but again let me choose one ancient...and for my class not random !! Not whiling to pay hundreds of euros and get all whites like i got yesterday...
    Can you all stop with this crap? I mean seriously. IT IS NOT OKAY FOR PLAYERS TO PAY FOR CORE STUFF SUCH AS MOVEMENT SPEED AND ATTACK SPEED.Even if it was 1 euro each , its not the price that makes it not okay , its that IT EXISTS that makes it not okay. Its even more disgusting that its RNG . Just like I said in another post , im okay with paying the sub but jesus christ . Yes , that's the Aion WE ALWAYS WANTED :alol: