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    • This system's gonna fail so hard. The majority of players always went for ranks, doesnt matter if very high or very low. It was a way to record your progreess ingame, something to tell you that your effort meant something, even if this something was just a simple number or a transformation or rewards AP and medals.

      This is so outdated now, it reminds me before Honor Points era with few players that long quited aion but their names still was capped up in top 100 ranks due to millions of AP.

      If devs think playerbase mind will change and play the game only for the "fun" of pvp, which is not fun at all ("torturing" is a better way to describe it), then they are wrong.
      Legend of the Kaisinel Temple
    • @Galeas please give us back our Honor Points... please.
      I don't like pve and i dont want do Arenas or dred for NOTHING.
      Please give us back our Honor Points... Just please.
      I dont think this game is only pve based and i dont want farm a gear for "fun". I want to climb the ranking and in this patch i can't. And a lots of people have this issue not only me.
      So please give us back the Honor Points.
    • The problem of Aion on Europe is that we are getting almost the same patch as KR.

      But KR players came from a Pay to Play system, where their cash shop is now set to a very low price compared to an usual pay day on thei country,
      making it affordable.

      Actually X form contract is somthing very important and its unique Cash shop feature, the community suggested thing on suggestion topic & voted also to show what they think about it.

      Now I am waiting an official statement on X form contract issue, cause we are around 250/350 players ready to leave.

      No trade system,
      restriction of Kinah
      Not much Kinah to earn
      To much Kinah spending on normal things.

      The rate of enchant / drop / etc... seems - 150% lower than other version. Seems that they are still nerfing client to not let the community reach the end game fast.

      Also every video about the communication post patch I've seen comming from GF staff make me think they have absoluetely no idea what they are talking about,
      it seems they are talking to each other and taking final decision without knowing what its all about,

      for them its probably numbers & listing thing but what they dont know (it seems) that, there is a community stuck beetween their Cash shop ideology & our favorite MMORPG, Aion.

      We are forced to play on slowmotion if we dont donate. What the solution of Contract Xform being only Cash shop feature ?

      We don't want potion we want X form contract drop.
    • Shiemysan wrote:

      XD You rly cry for Ranking on New dead Servers lmao.

      Its awesome like This because now You Need to be active and play all Sieges, and if You cant You will not Fall just disapear a week,

      Idk why ppl now cry for This haha first all cry hp are to easy to farm mimimi and now its to Hard mimimi... 6.5 You get an season System so relax and if You are an active Player then You will climbing fast enough then.
      Really is not the same. If u like go to do pve is fine... is not about "crying" is a different way to play. In this game u can go for pve or for pvp. In this patch its pointless to do pvp. when i ll finish the pvp set... is not worth to do dredgion or other istances pvp. So is not about crying.
    • Exaclty ppl got ranks for tittle but not to use it
      i can play with low rank and im fine with that, we had 2 much places to gain HP

      U complain what about new/return playes huh?

      cooping in Glory , unfair point in last round of Arena, if u like PvP u will keep like it otherwise u just greedy for tittle
    • Xanoa wrote:

      the problem is if you put gp back in dredgion, arena etc we're going to end up with people with xforms but never coming for sieges.
      ncsoft did this to force the xform to come in siege if they want to keep their rank.
      because the main purpose of xform is for siege i remind you of that.
      U have to make a certain amount the hp for month for keep ur rank... u can't in this patch so.. u can't do nothing about that.

      Why i have to go to siege and use my xform now for what? for 80HP? For help who? My faction? I don't think is worth to be honest... But you know some people play this game for the top pve in pve ranks... but noone blame this people. If we want climb the pvp ranking we r sick or we r crying. I don't think is right.

      (just for saying when someone calls "xforms" i use it)