Crash on load only after download is done

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    • Crash on load only after download is done

      i'm runnning into a slight problem trying to play the game.
      If i run the launcher and start playing as soon as part 1 is done, the game works.
      But after all parts are done and installed, launching the game just makes my pc lock up.

      The launcher seems to install the last downloads every time or just a small bit.
      then the game starts. or atleast the aion logo shows and after 5 sec i cant move the mouse and the pc doesn't respond anymore.

      So far i have tried the following:
      - Running in compatiblity mode (win 8 or 7)
      - with or without admin
      - reïnstalling using launcher or steam
      - steam version
      - renamed aion.bin both 32 and 64
      - checked drivers and all are up to date
      - microsoft c++ version installed
      - removed all OC
      - prayed and cried

      anyone else with these problems?
      Or have any ideas as to how i can fix this

      win10 pro 1803
      i7-6700 4.00GHz
      16 GB ramm
      GTX 1080 Ti
    • Check "application" and then also check "system", this way we'll know if Aion's crash is at system level or application level.
      It should most definitely display an error.

      When you start the game it hangs or it crashes? In task view does it show as running or not responding?
      What exactly happens when you start the game... describe it for me.
    • i'll try again later today (not at home now), clearing log to be sure nothing else is in there.
      the game tries to load, or so i think becuase the Aion logo shows up.
      then the pc locks up as in freezing. you can't move the mouse, time isn't updated no responce to any key combo.
      so i cant open task manager
    • sadly no luck, i kept taskmanager open while booting up, but it also just shows that the AION gameclient is starting up (36.9mb ram) when it freezes.
      All event logs: windows system, application and so on are empty till the message showing there was an unplanned shutdown.
      PC could use a fresh reinstall so that's what im gonna do now.
      hope that fixes it
    • A clean boot is always best, especially if you haven't done it in a while.
      It fixes some of the various conflicts that pop out along the way.
      Make sure to have all the driver updates and windows updates.
      You should be fine.
    • Sadly even this did not fix the problem.
      Made sure to only have the game start, no extra program running. Closed everything that oud be closed in taskmanager and it does the same.
      I also made a post on the Steam forums and 2 other people said to have the same problem, but we haven't found anything we all have in commen accept for the pc freezing on load.

      added a dxdiag, not sure if it might help
      • DxDiag.txt

        (86.52 kB, downloaded 2 times, last: )