Aion Tribute - Asmodians zones

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    • Aion Tribute - Asmodians zones


      I haven't played in long long time and when I heard some zones will be removed (and I "grew up lvling there") I decided to make some tribute videos. :)
      Please note I don't have superb editing skills nor fancy video program (just some basic Windows Video Maker khem khem xD), but I still hope you my enjoy. :slove:

    • Aaah thank you so much for this! I was considering making one myself, but put it off too long :asad: It's really nicely put together! Also the 4.x music nostalgia haaa
      RIP Altgard and Morheim, you will be sorely missed ;(
    • OMG i still remember how these zones were the place where i felt like i was home rather than just playing a game. they (altgard and morheim) really connected me to the game. Right now its just fast leveling and you're in the new zone in 2 days. i feel sorry for all the new players who will never experience this ambience like you're living in asmodae :(