2 Questions regarding upgrading PVP Gear in 6.2

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    • 2 Questions regarding upgrading PVP Gear in 6.2

      So I got the first pvp genesis crystals parts. However i'm having 2 issues.
      The first is enchanting it past 9. I assume I need legendary stones, but where do I get them?
      The second problem would be upgrading a gear part to legendary. I need 100 fragments of the fighting spirit for the weapon. I disenchanted some eternal pvp boots (76 genesis crystals) and got only 2. It has to be some other way, otherwise it would take months to upgrade just the weapon to purple right?

      Thank you
    • hey!

      you should get to +10 (safe spot) with ancient stones, but it might take many (you also get many if you do your ashunatal runs and runat runs every day, + 1v1 and 3on3 entries). You can even buy some from genesis crystals, but you first should buy the gear b4 you do that.
      so you dont rly need legendary stones from 9 --> 10, but rather from 12 (where you can get with ancients if you spam them and get +2 procc, afterwards chances are REALLY low that you get higher with just ancients) to 15.
      currently the only way you can get them is from sieges (good rewards drop bags with them in it) & if you are lucky from the ashunatal / runat / neviwind bags. or if you have serums / apes to trade in from last patch aswell, but that is limited obviously.
      I hope they add more ways to get legendary stones from hero trials and good f2p events, without putting them in the shop.

      regarding upgrading gear: yes you need to disenchant pvp gear. either the crafted one, or the genesis one. so once you completed your gear (or wanna focus on one part) you disenchant items for genesis crystals + you gather the stones and fragments from leader mobs to craft pvp gear and disenchant that.
      small parts usually give 2 (but can give 3, maybe also only 1), pants give 3 (but can give 2 or 4 i think), and chest gives in general 4 (but can maybe also give 3 or 5).
      This is for ancient level. now lets say you procc a craft, then you should always upgrade it for the next rarity, since when disenchanting that item you get more pieces! i didnt check yet which one gives how many pieces on the higher level.
      so yes, it is quite a bit of work to upgrade the gear, but it's also what makes farming so worthwhile this patch. you cant afk to win xD