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      Hello Aion players,

      This is my first post in the forum that I would like to say my opinion about game.
      Sorry for my English let's proceed.

      I have played plenty games in general and Aion is the best game till now. Graphics and game style in general. The PVP is huge and so cool enjoy new Lacrum map and the effort of gameforge for the game till now.

      Aion leveling fixed that is very nice now you can level up any character and try to test your limits. Though there is an issue on gear up.
      Here I would like to point that gameforge make some mistakes. Gearing up to max ultimate gear is going to take months even a year I can say. Enchanting failure is huge... People need thousands of enchanting stones to succeed their goal.

      Minions? What are those things. We don't need things like these to make game better. Game is already nice like it was on 4.0.

      Transformations? We create a character that we like to see and we need transparency scroll to see it? I believe it should be opposite. If someone wants to see tiger or penguin or what ever should use a transparency scroll. This is my opinion. In addition I believe there is lack of getting transformations.

      In general I love Aion and love PVP but in order to reach in a good level I need to play plenty of hours.
      We are humans and we need to spend hours on our real lives.

      Feel free to comment thanks