New Player Kinah Problems

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    • New Player Kinah Problems

      Hey all! i used to play this game many years ago and decided to try again. i`m now lvl 78 AT with 8M Kinah. i just found out, that i can`t sell items on broker. Gold Pack costs minimum 39M Kinah. how am i supposed to get enough kinah to get that? what is the good kinah making method? Thank you in advance! :slove:
    • Hi,
      first of all, farm Mirash and Garden of Knowledge (+ bonus on cross server) and do quests related to them. Every single run provides you ancient gear which you can sell to NPC when you gear up. Another way is to do all available quests in Lakrum, most of them give like 140k each. Its only difficult to earn for the first gold pack.
    • Best kinah making method?

      i`m having trouble figuring out best way to make kinah. i just found out, there are Reshanta is no longer a thing. i thought i was going to farm manastones there and sell on broker. what is the best, or at least good kinah making method on this patch?
      Thank you in advance. :slove:
    • Crafting if you don't mind grinding mobs. You can get almost all mats by grinding mobs and small and big bosses in group, ally or league. They drop for every member. Some mats must be bought, but they ain't that expensive and everything you make can be used or at least sold or disenchanted to get useful mats to improve gear. With some luck you can proc noble versions of gear which can be further improved.