How do PVP/PVE stats work in 6.2

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    • How do PVP/PVE stats work in 6.2

      Can someone explain to me how do PVP and PVE stats work in 6.2 ? Is it additive to physical/magical attack or it works in a different way ?

      Let's say FOR EXAMPLE: weapon has 3k physical attack and 500 PVP attack and character has 10k physical attack overall. Does the weapon count as having 3.5k physical attack and 0 PVP attack when fighting players ? And does the character overall physical attack become 10.5k when fighting player ?

      I'm asking this because i can't understand which weapon will do more PVP damage. An Ancient Weapon +15 with 3502 physical attack and 372 PVP attack or a Legendary Weapon +0 with 3958 physical attack and 152 PVP attack ??
    • what I noticed is that you need more attack first than opponent def.. if you have more attack than pve/pvp attack scales with it.

      I tested with someone else pve stuff. I had ultimate weapon +0 and other one had +15 legendary weapon. (we weared only weapon). I did more damage.

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    • Asking because i was told by 2 guys ingame that it works additive as in the example. You end up with 10.5k phys attack vs players but it sounded sketchy so decided to post it here :)